Exceptional Projects 2013

June 21, 2013


Overall Winner and Business-to-Consumer Category winner

Kragelund Kommunikation, Denmark
Project: Turning taboo into a trend

Launch of shower toilets in Denmark. The Danish campaign is the spearhead for Scandinavia with core elements being emulated in later campaigns throughout the region.  Turning taboo into a trend focuses on circumventing the taboo of talking about toilet habits and increasing low public knowledge of the shower toilet category. The project features launch PR activities including an impressive event in Paris.

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Winner Business-to-Business Category

Nexus Communications, UK
Project: Helping clients through the horsemeat scandal

2013 saw the biggest issue in the food industry in Europe since the BSE crisis in 1996. It was an issue that dominated the British media for weeks – print, broadcast and online were all equally involved in telling the latest news. While it was never portrayed as a food safety issue, it was an issue of consumer confidence in the control methods and probity of the suppliers of food and it had some major effects on the companies implicated.

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Business-to-Business Category

LUCA Comunicación Corporativa, Spain
Project: Madrid Lighting Show

Havells-Sylvania, one of the top lighting product companies wanted to reinforce their PR positioning and LED products in Europe. LUCA was chosen as the agency in Spain, one of the last to be appointed in September 2011, and starting in last position. Having delivered a good PR programme and the dedicated work involved in the Madrid Lighting Show Luca climbed up the company’s PR agency rankings to gain No. 1 position.

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Opinion Valley, France
Project: Writing for Impact

A series of two-day workshops was mounted for all client press officers worldwide. Given by an experienced journalist the sessions combined theory and real-life practical exercises. The training offered an insider’s perspective into the working of  editorial offices and de-dramatised the act of writing while explaining how to maximis the impact of press relations through improved writing. A three-step self evaluation process allowed PR officers to achieve consistency in writing for the media followed the workshops.

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Twister Group, Italy
Project: Advanced Accelerator Applications  – Message in a bottle

Radiopharmaceuticals firm for molecular diagnostics and therapy celebrated 10 years of activities with an institutional gala dinner dedicated to current and potential customers. It was Twister’s mission to create a bridge between science and life. The elements chosen to explain the company’s aims and to enhance the event were water, light and people through the unique Message in a bottle device.

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Business-to-Consumer Category

Binsfeld, Luxembourg
Project: xcellence Magazine

The quarterly inflight magazine of Luxaviation Group, presented in the style of a travel diary that provides insight into the finest restaurants and wine cellars, and offers travelogues far removed from mass tourism.

xcellence lives from interatctions; every passenger is invited to submit his or her personal favourites…their secret tips will then be included in one of the next issues for other clients to discover. xcellence takes the reader on a very special journey during a flight on one of teh Luxaviation Group’s private jets; a journey to places with soul, to people who tell their story.

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Harbinger, Canada
Project: Hellmann’s Canada

Hellmann’s is an iconic brand that has been around for 100 years and is know for the unmistakable taste and texture it brings to your favourite salads and sandwiches. Unfortunately there was much scepticism around the brand with many consumers calling it “junk or fat in a jar”. Through Harbinger’s efforts and its compelling and on-going PR story the negative health perceptions have been dispelled and the cooking versatility of Hellmann’s shown.

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