Corporate Excellence publish a new edition of “Approaching the future 2021”

August 4, 2021


Corporate Excellence, leading think tank that focuses on reputation, communication, and intangible assets management, have published a new edition of Approaching the Future 2021: Trends in reputation and management of intangibles, with the aim of helping companies and all professionals to discover the evolution of the main trends that mark the present and future of organizations and to make decisions in an uncertain, complex and changing world that requires a profound transformation.

Approaching the Future is presented as a practical and essential tool to know and navigate correctly in this new reality, identifying the 15 most important issues today and in the future, as well as the procedures that organizations are implementing to respond to these challenges, with special focus on Spain and Latin America.

Corporate Excellence have had the contributions of more than 500 professionals, as well as in-depth interviews with 8 great experts in reputation, brand, sustainability, ethics and transparency.

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