Corporate Excellence becomes IPRN reputation expert partner

April 28, 2021


The leading reputation and intangible assets think tank Corporate Excellence has become a new partner of the International Public Relations Network with the goal to provide their expertise, innovation, information and advice to its members and clients worldwide. IPRN will help Corporate Excellence to be better recognized as a unique and expert centre for reputation leadership and accelerator of innovation in the international landscape.

The partnership aims to give IPRN as a global PR organization of independent entrepreneurs, its members and international clients access to applied knowledge, outstanding information, the best advice and innovative solutions to grow the importance of reputation management and the increasing value of intangible assets of companies and organizations in the marketplace. IPRN will help Corporate Excellence communicate better their brand, services, reports and innovative solutions in a global scenario where efficient trust and facts-based communication has become fundamental to be recognized and valued by corporations, organizations and their customers.

Based in Spain, Corporate Excellence cooperates with many institutions, associations, universities and organizations in the communication and reputation sector providing deep research and advice as an accelerator of innovation and best practice to many international companies. After succeeding for ten years in this innovative area as a trusted think tank they have started recently to provide services to a wider international audience with the globalization of the economy and following their clients and partners.

Luis Gonzalez, President of IPRN says: “As a global organization of independent middle size PR & Communication agencies leaded by their owners we are focused to help our members and clients with the best local knowledge and global reach, best practices and exclusive activities. Corporate reputation is becoming crucial in the development of international business to build the trust of companies, organizations and customers and Corporate Excellence has proved an outstanding experience in the field. Their reports, information, activities and advice will be of high value for IPRN and to improve our member’s expertise in a fundamental area of the PR & Communication industry to be able to assess better our companies and clients worldwide”

Angel Alloza, President of Corporate Excellence, said: “We are proud to have helped many exceptional companies and institutions improve the recognition and value of their intangible assets by generating knowledge and innovative solutions to empower their organizations to lead by reputation. IPRN will help us to continue spreading our purpose worldwide with their international members who are expert independent entrepreneurs in communication and PR”

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