Content Marketing, the solution of B2B

Mar 26, 2019

One of the objectives of every business is to seduce potential customers and build loyalty, but how can we prove that we are the perfect solution to solve their needs?

An alternative in which brands have worked and continue to work is content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B companies are implementing strategies related to content marketing to obtain new customers.

But, what is content marketing? Although it is strongly related to techniques such as inbound marketing, content marketing focuses on the user and how we will solve their needs. For this type of strategy the important thing is to have relevant and useful information that provides some experience to the consumer, that is, it must identify, communicate and analyze relevant issues to catch potential customers.

Create interesting and eye-catching content should be relevant for every company. The content that we elaborate must be designed and designed to comply with a strategy, since with it we will capture the attention of our client and later we will loyalize it. It is important to link the information of our brand, values and business objectives. It would be useless to have generic and unattractive articles that alienate our audiences.

Another important fact when developing our content marketing strategy is to establish specific objectives that will make our brand attractive and relevant. This is achieved thanks to a good audience analysis, identifying their needs and establishing formats that suit our target audience.

Content marketing has managed to identify the opportunities offered by different communication formats and has taken advantage of it through social networks, e-books, graphic, audiovisual and webinars, among others, to contact people from a friendly way. Thanks to these attractive formats we attract the attention of our clients and achieve a correct management within the process of content marketing. Therefore, it is important to measure the strategy regularly and to perfect it according to the audience.

Evaluating the process and detecting if the tactic is working is of vital relevance to the strategy. It is advisable to establish management indicators (KPI’S) that allow us to measure their effectiveness. This is when our databases become the best advisors, so that by tracking the number of clicks, visits, followers and leads we can evaluate the success of our strategy. One way to see the process of content marketing is through the purchase funnel. Both begin by seeking the attention of consumers, to take them to an action. This process works like this:

Knowledge: This phase seeks the attention of our customers, who know us and know what we do.

Consideration: By having content that is of interest to the audience, we will provide a solution to their needs.

EvaluationPurchase: If we evaluate the effectiveness of our strategy and make sure that it is fulfilling the initial objectives, we can ensure that we are on the right track. By becoming a reference for our customers we get that reputation and loyalty that a brand seeks so much.

Content marketing offers several benefits for the company. With proper follow-up and paying attention to what matters to the audience, we can create winning content that will positively influence the purchase decision.

By High Results