Central de Informação coordinates a National Conference about automobile industry

February 23, 2018


Central de Informação has began 2018 with the coordination and organization of a National Conference related to the automotive industry, a new project promoted by Mobinov, the Portuguese Automotive Cluster. The event was attended by the Prime Minister of Portugal and by several members of the Portuguese government.

Central de Informação took over all the aspects of the operation, such as website design and programming (www.mobinov-events.pt), creative concept, graphic design, multimedia, set up design, press office, and coordination of event’ teams.

The conference was the moment to present an unpublished study by Delloite on the automotive industry in Portugal, revealing that this industry is worth approximately 6% of the national wealth. The Conference gained broad media coverage, conquering a total of 140 news items in the space of a month, published in the online universe, the press, television and radio. These results generated a media return of more than one million euros.

Still according to the study released, in 2020, 92 millions of vehicles will be connected with dynamic systems of mobile communication and, up to 2021, 35 millions of drivers allover the world will be using carsharing systems. 3D print will allow the personalization of vehicles without limitations and the overall perspective is that in 2035 there will exist 21 millions of autonomous vehicles, meaning, with no human driving. A future to look forward to!

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