Artificial Intelligence: it is not a business only of robots

May 23, 2019


Artificial Intelligence

We know about the important transformation that public relations are undergoing. An evolution -necessary- so that the industry continues to be an ally of brands in the care of their reputation and in connection with different business audiences. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) plays an essential role and is vital for communications consultants to point you to the immediate future.

The (IA) is a technology that agencies must understand, process and implement. Even managers and communications directors are not aware of everything they can achieve with it in public relations, they see it as a distant technology that is applied in the big companies of robotics and innovation, but it should not be like that.

Therefore, it is appropriate to mention two experts. The first is Meredith Eaton, director of North America for Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, who said: “Artificial intelligence is still in the early stages of our industry; but it’s already helping public relations professionals get ideas for smarter, more objective campaigns with measurable reports. Similarly, we are seeing many applied tools of artificial intelligence that help to undermine the keywords in order to find trends, determine who are the influencers of the brands, know the main environments and identify the buyer people and achieve a more specific”.

Thus, how important and crucial is artificial intelligence to alleviate various ‘headaches’ that we have faced in communications for years, for example, in evolving in measuring the impact of our strategies and tactics with more specific and clear indicators.

The second position (which complements Eaton) is Stephen Waddington, partner and director of Ketchum: “We know, thanks to a study by Jean Valin, that at this time 12% of public relations skills are being assisted or impacted by artificial intelligence”.

The percentage could be low, but it indicates a tendency and obligation; who does not implement artificial intelligence will not be competitive. Now, it seems to me that the (IA) will become more important because it helps to solve another outstanding issue in the industry that Juan Carlos Ortiz, President & CEO of DDB Latina, was raising for us. The challenge is to make brands combine data, technology and emotional storytelling, to understand the culture and how people live to be successful.

That is, the information and the large information blocks (big data) can be managed and understood by the (IA) and will not require the consultant to dedicate hours to his understanding. In conclusion, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is not something intended only for large technology corporations such as Google, Apple or Microsoft, since the PR we have the urgent need to leverage its functionality and the social sciences can benefit from its advances.

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