Animal rights and welfare – a first victory!

July 9, 2018



In early June 2018, the Luxembourgish Parliament adopted a landmark overhaul of its animal protection law. Among other things, the new law introduces notions of dignity and security, determines which animals may be kept and which might not, and strengthens controls and sanctions.

In order to inform the general public about the progress made, as well as key stakeholder groups like farmers, pet owners, etc., the agency Binsfeld set up an online platform explaining the law and drawing attention to its key novelties.

At the heart of the campaign was a clip that ran on TV, in cinemas and on the radio. A dog owner tries to share the news about the law with his terrier by talking to it, only to discover the animal is able to understand and speak! In order the anticipate critics of the law unsatisfied of the reforms, the campaign was run under the header of ‘A first victory’: progress had been achieved, but more is to be done!

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