A new consultancy has been born: Age of Majority

October 31, 2017


Jeff Weiss, our member of Harbinger, has launched a new business at the ICAA (International Council of Active Aging) conference in Orlando, Florida. The new consultancy is called Age of Majority. Age of Majority refers to the largest, wealthiest and fastest growing consumer group: the mature consumer, age 55+.

Throughout its collective management consulting, brand management and agency experience, including its work at Harbinger, where they focus on marketing to women, they have observed a huge gap in how the market perceives, portrays and engages mature consumers.

This is a mission to break the myths and to crush the stigmas and stereotypes associated with aging and to help brands identify and exploit business opportunities to grow revenue and affinity with the mature consumer audience.

Age of Majority helps to discover, test and refine growth opportunities with mature consumers. Through their expertise and approach, they deliver novel insights and actionable ideas, grounded in market trends, customer insight and expert validation. In addition, keynotes and seminars are designed to motivate and facilitate marketers to start exploring their own Age of Majority opportunity.

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