2021, a good year for IPRN despite Covid

February 18, 2022


2021 was a productive year for IPRN in spite of the difficult economic global context created by the pandemic: a great innovative hybrid AGM in Lisbon with the 25th anniversary gala celebration, significant improvements to our resources and activities and the addition of eight new members in important countries and markets.

The new members that joined IPRN last year were; Cimagen, from Chile, Lizette Weber, from Mexico, Attentum, from Lithuania, Steinreich, from USA, Israel and Dubai, (W)right on, from USA, California, Trend from Peru, Feveran from Turkey and Ballero, Luc & Asoc, from Argentina, that with the recent addition of Makaira in Japan, make the network stronger, with important additional contacts in key cities and markets.

Knowledge transfer as one of our main objectives developed with additional successful activities, like a very productive annual congress in Lisbon using a new hybrid model that included many presentations and discussions by in-person and online members, keynote speakers and partners. Also a webinar, growing networking opportunities, more engagement between members, best practice cases and the annual awards gave more opportunities for participation. New sponsors and partners that demonstrated interest in IPRN and the AGM prove the potential for increasing growth.

With a focus to continue reinforcing networking, engagement and empower the international skills of members, IPRN took profit of the situation created by Covid to continue improving resources, member benefits, governance and activities during the year. A good example is the website, permanently updated and improved with more and better information of agencies and our members, news, images and materials. 

Thanks to all our members for making it possible!

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