World Public Relations Forum meets in Madrid in 2014

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Dircom (Association of Communication Directors in Spain) will host the World Public Relations Forum (WPRF)of the Global Alliance for Public Relations in Madrid in September 2014. The conference, which is held biannually, will be the organisation’s eighth and biggest.

Luis González Canomanuel, a founder member of Dircom and CEO of LUCA ComunicacionCorporativa, and one of IPRN’s two Spanish members said, “We are delighted that this prestigious organisation has chosen Madrid as the venue for its meeting from 21-24 September. It is expected that some 1000 delegates from more than 40 countries will attend ( ). The central theme for the three days of discussion will be “Communication with Conscience”.

Dircom is a professional association for managers and professionals involved in communication of companies, institutions and consultants in Spain. Mr Canomanuel explained how it started,

“Dircom was founded in 1992. It was the brainchild of a group of outstanding PR Directors motivated by the growing importance and scope of their work and the responsibilities that this brought in both the business terms and society generally. It is a model that works well and has been adopted by several other countries including France and Argentina. Today we have close to 1000 members throughout Spain and has agreements with many institutions and organizations throughout the country. It has also set up of, so far, six regional offices including Cataluña, Canarias and Castilla.

“Our values and those of WPRF run in parallel. We too see public relations and communication as central to the ever changing worlds of business and commerce. Furthermore we believe that those changes are having a profound effect beyond the target audiences and upon society as a whole so it is incumbent upon all of us, the communication professionals, to consider this when advising clients on strategies and programmes.”

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