Why IPRN is different

We are different because we are independent.
Adapt thanks to our flexibility. Client sovereignty is greater with independent agencies than with multinationals or large conglomerates. We put our clients’ interests before our own. Growing our clients’ business is part of our DNA.

One important disctinction that IPRN has over all of the other PR networks is that the IPRN member you contact is the person in charge of that particular business – the owner or senior director. The one who makes decisions for his or her business. So you can be sure that your business matters to us, personally. And because you are always dealing at senior level we offer flexibility to adapt swiftly to your business needs.

When you choose an IPRN member you are assured integrity, experience and professionalism. We adapt more quickly to client requirements and budgets and can offer more options and flexibility thanks to our cost structure and ROI.
Retention of experience by independent agencies is closely linked to the human factor.

We keep our staff because we treat them well and offer them the opportunities to develop their careers. Decisions are made within the agency by people who know the individuals and not by a faceless head office located hundreds of miles away.
Monitoring and evaluation of our clients’ campaigns is more flexible with our agencies., We don’t depend on transnational agreements adapted to other markets and cultures, we devise programmes that takes account of the local culture and global circumstances.

We are able to coordinate or manage for you a group of agencies from different countries, languages and cultures, thus adding value to your project. And we can take the hard work out of multi-country requirements by a lead agency directing the programme for you.