What is IPRN

Local Knowledge. Global Reach

IPRN is one of the world’s largest and well established independent agency networks, founded in 1995. Our members and contacts are in the most important countries and cities all over the world covering markets in the 5 continents.

Expertise and knowledge within your reach

We are all leaders in our home countries and our own market sectors, and can be relied on to provide a committed solution-driven answer to your international and local communication needs. With a staff of over 5,000 public relation and communication professionals we provide local knowledge and global reach for all our clients who demand selective market PR programmes.

We are PR & Communication Experts

Through us you can access a wealth of experience, communication knowledge and sector expertise. We are experts at what we do. You can trust us to deliver results, whether we work individually or as an international team with a lead agency.

Expand your knowledge. Grow your Business

Every year one of our members hosts the network’s Annual General Meeting and Conference attended by majority of members. For us it is vital that we meet each other regularly so that we can assess and probe each other’s competencies and skills, learn about best international practices, case studies, business development and discuss our client requirements.