UK’s Public Relations Consultants’ Association wins copyright battle with NLA

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After a four year legal struggle against the Newspaper Licensing Authority (NLA) in the UK the European Court of Justice found for the UK’s Public Relations Consultants’ Association (PRCA).who demanded freely available web content provided by the national newspapers who were preparing to charge for its use .

Working closely with Meltwater, a resource for PR and marketing agencies, the two organisations challenged the NLA who wanted to impede the ability to distribute and access links to the freely available web content provided by them .

The past four years has seen the case go from the Copyright Tribunal to the High Court and from there to the Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court to the last available arbiter of justice – European Court of Justice who found for the PRCA and Meltwater.

Francis Ingham, Chief Executive of the PRCA said, “We don’t know how much money we’ve saved members but its millions  of pounds. Furthermore we’ve made  a precedent in copyright law across 28 member states to protect access to and use of web material without ridiculous and excessive payments’.

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