Twister, Italy: finalist in Project of the Year in Business to Business Category 10 years – Message in a bottle: Twister, Italy

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Project of the Year 2013 Finalist in Business-to-Business Category


AAA has a unique platform of laboratories for the research, development, production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular diagnostics and therapy, aimed at a personalised treatment of serious diseases.

In 2012 AAA, headquartered in Switzerland, celebrated its tenth year of international success and chose Twister Communications Group to create and organise a corporate event dedicated to current and potential customers.

The event took place in Milan during Molecular Medicine Worldwide Congress in order to connect with all the sector’s specialists.

The company’s aim is to create a bridge between science and life and the elements chosen to explain this mission and to enhance the event were:

water, light and people.


• to increase the number of international clients

• to take the opportunity to network with current clients and partners

• to team build with employees

• to communicate aims and future projects

• to convey AAA’s passionate and innovative approach

• to highlight AAA’s research expertise


•To create an event that was corporate and innovative thus positioning AAA as a company apart from the competition with an original perspective in the market.

•The event should be seen as a celebration allowing people to be and feel relaxed.

•To convince the client to use unconventional language, images and art and dance and let the guests be an active part of this and future AAA projects.

Key Messages

• Give a new shape to a better life through the creative energy of Manolo Benvenuti, architect and artist who recycles unusual materials, such as transforming waste water bottles into artwork and molecules of light.

• Building a bridge between science and life through photograph of  people, faces and everyday images matched to scientific equipment and laboratory images.

•AAA tradition, innovation and passion was mixed into the cooking style of Chef Claudio Sadler, who has two Michelin Stars – so precise in enforcing rules and so smart in breaking them. The menu was inspired by the ‘milanese’ tradition and translated in a creative and innovative presentation.

• AAA’s successful approach relies on the tendency to break down the barriers of imagination. The Kataklò dancers and actors bodies representing the molecules of life were designed to inspire guests’ imagination.

• AAA is energy that creates energy and the success of the project needed the involvement of all. Every guest was invited to enjoy the night dancing to the stunning sound of the amazing Ty Le Blanc and her band Stone Ty Temple.

• AAA asked guests not to be afraid of dreaming and invited each guest to leave a message in a bottle – positioned in the middle of the table – to help make their dreams come true!


• 350 people attended (95% of those invited)

• Strong networking event achieved its target

• Full and positive feelings towards the company from attendees

• Full understanding of the message conveyed by AAA and a deep understanding of the underlying positive messages

• The messages collected in the bottles were complimentary to AAA and its innovative presentation through such a spectacular event



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