The secret to happy clients – The McOnie Agency tells how it keeps the magic alive

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In client relationships that have lasted over decades.

In many ways the client-agency relationship is so much more than a simple business contract.Indeed, it could be more accurately likened to the commitment, trust and mutual respect required of maintaining a happy and prosperous marriage. The McOnie Agency has worked with some great clients and partners over the years and has built some incredible relationships, some which have lasted for over 25 years since the agency was first established.

The fact that our clients have chosen to remain loyal to the agency for such a considerable amount of time is no mean feat, particularly given that changing suppliers or choosing an alternative service has never been easier. Recommendations and reviews about almost any business or service are now available on demand through online forums and customer feedback channels, giving word of mouth a powerful voice. Nobody goes out for a meal or books a hotel for the weekend now without first checking for recent reviews on Trip Advisor.

This trend is just as valid in a business context and has seen a decline in agency incumbency from an average of 90 months in the mid-1980s to under 40 months today[1]. The McOnie Agency has been bucking this trend which is testament to the great relationships that the team has built and nurtured with its clients and partners over the years.

But to build and maintain these relationships requires constant commitment from both the agency team and the client themselves from the time our marriage vows have been uttered (or our proposal agreed).The true secret to a happy and successful ‘marriage’ is excellent communication. From this all else stems.

For The McOnie Agency, communication is not just about creating attention grabbing ideas and dazzling on the first date. To nurture a strong relationship that will weather the ups and downs ahead of you it is just as important to listen and understand your partner; what they like, what they don’t and what their priorities are. Clearly setting out what you both need from each other and what you commit to if the marriage is to last is also key to setting expectations and ensuring that you are both on the same page. Constantly delivering on this commitment as a minimum will also help to ensure that the relationship flourishes into one of mutual respect and trust.

Reaching this ideal may feel like a great achievement but it is just as important to keep working on nurturing this partnership. To keep the sparks flying and to keep your partner’s eyes from wandering elsewhere, it is important to spend time working at maintaining and strengthening your relationship.  Make time to get to know each other, occasionally spring that exciting or creative idea on your partner that you know will surprise and delight them and demonstrate your passion for their interests and goals. This will help to keep the relationship fresh and fun.

Your relationship may face trials along the way but continuing to support each other and constantly communicating thoughts and opinions will not only help to deliver some great campaign results but also ensure that you both enjoy working together to achieve them.

[1] Astrophel LLP (2014)

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