Storytelling, expertly delivered: Nicky Smith, director, Nexus Communications

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When developing campaigns is it imperative to give deep-thought to who will be the campaign messengers. These are people that are going to be delivering some of the most precious assets, your key messages and values, to your target audience. You need them to have great impact and be respected and trusted by all that come into contact with your brand.

This is especially important in healthcare campaigns. The territory and number of healthcare studies can be complex and though we certainly aim to be competent in all aspects of our clients business, we recognise that there are areas where we need to work with field experts and they need to be the mouth-piece of the campaign, delivering independent and insightful perspectives.

At Nexus Communications we work with a range of experts every day including leading surgeons, GPs, nutritionists and micro-biologists, to name but a few. They are integral to our client’s activity, offering great industry insight and we involve them along every part of the campaign journey from strategy development to inputting into press materials.

Working with experts helps build reputation and credibility for a brand. Speaking on your behalf, they are effectively by association a highly-respected message ambassador – and, of course, the media are more open and inclined to talk with an expert.

Experts that you work with are going to become synonymous with your brand. To ensure a successful partnership, it is essential that the up-front investment time with the identified story-teller (expert) gives you a rounded view on their understanding and views on the company and products and their industry opinions. It will also serve to give you an insight into their personality and media presence.

It is above all fundamental that they genuinely believe in your product, brand or company’s values, otherwise how do they give an honest opinion, how do you have complete faith and trust when putting them forward to be the messenger to deliver your story?  The right expert is worth their campaign weight in gold.


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