Stay safe at work, especially on Friday 13th

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The McOnie Agency, leading occupational health and safety public relations consultancy, suggests that whatever your workplace fears you shouldn’t worry about getting injured or sick at work. They suggest five Workplace Safety Tips to keep you safe and healthy during the working day:

  1. Keep it clean. A clean work area is a safe work area.  Not only will a clean environment remove many hazards, more work will get done.
  2. Focus safety efforts on the most likely problems. Although it’s necessary to plan for major safety concerns, by eliminating the small safety violations that contribute the most frequent injuries.
  3. See a hazard and report it immediately.  Bring safety deficiencies to management’s attention.
  4. Avoid unnecessary hazards. Routinely and frequently inspect workplace to identify any unnecessary hazards.
  5. Be responsible for your own safety. Safe working and Happy Friday 13th!
  • Friday 13th

    Friday 13th


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