Russia’s PR Partner 20th in business volume in 2013 RIA rankings

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Moscow-based PR Partner has been ranked 20th in business volume by Russian rating agency RIA Rating.

Inna Alexeeva, managing director of PR Partner says, “We are delighted to be named one of the most successful PR companies in Russia. Although we have been in business for only eight years, most of the participants in RIA Rating have been in existence for over ten years.”

“PR Partner continues to grow each year and we believe that this is because we have stuck to our founding principles of an honest business — an achievement in itself and something that we’re extremely proud of. Our great success is definitely due to the wonderful team at PR Partner.”

Inna Alexeeva went onto say that in 2013 the PR Partner business had grown by 37% compared to 2012 and that as an agency they are constantly looking at new challenges to enable continued growth.

The rating of communication companies is built on PR services income minus income tax and subcontractor fees. Data to the ratings agency is provided by participants.

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