Refresh, revitalise and gain

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Jeff Weiss, president of IPRN’s Toronto-based Harbinger, has just completely overhauled the company’s website. He commented, “It’s our shop window and it’s as important for us to keep our site fresh and interesting as it is for the store down the street.”

“We have changed our positioning and added news skills and expertise to our agency and our new website reflects this.  It is essential that we are mindful of the fact that the market never stands still, it’s in constant motion and so are we. Harbinger is all about purpose driven marketing for brands that target women – so we have to ensure that our shop window reflects our deep understanding of this market, our drive, our ethos and our commitment.”

Jeff says that the newly refreshed site is already proving its worth in helping Harbinger gain traction with potential new clients, through the use of clever, focused backend technology,  “Today’s technology can be put to work in so many beneficial ways, and while it takes time to ensure you’ve got everything that will help develop your business, the rewards are worth it.”

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