Project of the Year bursary winner from Kragelund Kommunikation Denmark spends a week in UK with Nexus PR

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Project of the Year winner

2013 Bursary

Kragelund Kommunikation A/S, Ostergade 4, 3., 8000 Aarhus C DENMARK:

Anne Thomsen’s visit to Nexus Communications Group, London, UK February 2014

I am Anne and I work as senior consultant at Kragelund Kommunikation based in Denmark. Recently I was fortunate enough to take part in an IPRN staff exchange at Nexus PR in London. In 2013 Kragelund Kommunikation won the IPRN Project of the Year and the prize was a week at an IPRN member agency of my choice.

My week at Nexus was a great opportunity for me to learn from my IPRN colleagues in London and to gain insight into their approach to PR and communication. The experience was enriching for me on both a personal and a professional level, as the stay provided me with first-hand experience of the different business areas within Nexus PR.

The week was compiled of a highly informative mix of one-to-one meetings and team meetings with both internal and external focus.  As kick-off for the stay, I met with Managing Director Richard Medley who gave me valuable insights on Nexus credentials.

Throughout the week, the exciting programme put together by Nexus, allowed me to network but also share professional knowledge and practice. I was fortunate to be included in various tasks and operations and to gain insight in a broad range of activities  – from the Nexus Way and new business to crisis communication and campaign cases studies.

After spending time at Nexus, it is clear to me that a lot was comparable to Denmark. However, our practical approach to PR is in some important points different, e.g. how to contact journalists or deliver key messages in press releases. This confirms me in the fact that cultural diversity is natural and local market knowledge is crucial when penetrating new markets. Thus, the IPRN network certainly has its relevance regarding the sharing of knowledge and best practices between members, and for helping our international clients adapt to local markets. In my opinion, collaboration between IPRN members should build opportunities to adapt global strategies to local practice, bring higher brand knowledge in the specific market and, in the end, create better results for the client.

If any international companies want to benefit from our international network you should contact IPRN: Jonathan Choat, General Secretary

Thanks to Nexus PR and all of the staff for giving me an unforgettable experience.


Facts about IPRN staff exchange
IPRN member agencies, 43 independent public relations agencies across the world, have agreed to hosting staff from other IPRN agencies to gain experience as to how public relations is conducted in the country being visited. IPRN seeks to achieve this by providing a platform for international exchange leading to collaborative projects, exhibition, publications, research, symposia, networking and shared archives.

The staff exchange provides an opportunity for staff to broaden skills, spending time in another IPRN office, sharing best practices and in general benefit from the experience of PR practice in another country. This draws IPRN members closer in a global relation between local agencies.


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