PR Partner is six years old!

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IPRN Russian member, PR Partner, is celebrating six great years in business. Throughout that time it has successfully managed projects and campaigns for a large number of clients including Isotoner, Sanitelle, Soudal, Essence, HoMedics, Savage, Kärcher, Smint,  Philip Stein, ГК Эталон, Тойота банк, Check Point, Veeam, PTC, NetApp and КРОК.

During the last six months PR Partner became a member of IPRN (International PR Network) and now collaborates with agencies from Europe and the USA. PR Partner has also become a member of AKOC.

The agency says it will continue to work for the good of its clients and staff – because the best birthday present they can get is positive reviews of its work from their clients.

To mark its sixth year PR Partner has made cushions for its clients in its corporate colour, red. Into each cushion staff have hand sewn a postcard containing a selection of PR adages and sayings,

The early bird makes it into the Forbes Top’

‘Кто рано встает — тот в Forbes попадет’

‘Не верьте сонникам — работайте с PR Partner’

‘Кто хорошо спит, тот хорошо пиарит’

‘Крепкий сон — залог PR-активности’

‘Не забывайте PRо отдых’

‘Вы отдыхаете — PR Partner работает’

PR Partner is currently planning a celebration in September, when the holiday season in Russia is over.

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