PR Partner 15th in communications companies by business volume says Russian ranking agency

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Russian ranking agency, RIA Rating, has placed PR Partner fifteenth of the largest Russian communication companies by business volume.

Many of the large communication agencies mentioned have a business history of between 15-20 years, and Inna Alexeeva, managing director of PR Partner, commented, “To have achieved fifteenth place after only six years of operation is a great result.”

She continued, “We have been able to achieve these heights in such a short space of time thanks to the way in which we as an agency work with our clients. We aim to provide them with an exemplary service and are constantly striving to achieve the best for them through mutual understanding and dialogue.

“We couldn’t have achieved this ranking this without them, so I want to thank our clients with whom we have worked for several years now, including KROK, NetApp, VMware, Isotoner, Paclan, Toyota Bank, Custis, Essence, Chupa Chups among others.”

RIA Rating plans to improve upon its reports in future by adding non-financial data. PR Partner’s marketing expert, Dmitry Turusin said, “We hope that in 2014 the rating will include data on the quality of agencies’ work.”

He continued “It would be interesting to measure the average length of time a client stays with an agency, and the Net Promoter Score  ( which measures the level of customer loyalty, as well as other data, like an average client contract length, that would show how how customer-oriented agencies are.”

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