Poor communications practices by governments have inflated borrowing costs says Alberte Santos, evercom, Spain and IPRN member

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Digital encounter with Alberte Santos at Expansión: “Poor communication practices by

governments have inflated borrowing costs.” 


Founder partner of evercom, Spain Alberte Santos

Alberte Santos, founder partner of evercom, took part in a digital encounter with readers of Expansión.com to discuss the communication plans of governments in mid crisis. According to him, the solvency that analysts are giving Spain stems from poor communication. As the situation stands today, he identifies two crises: the financial crisis and the reputational crisis.

As regards Germany, comparisons don’t benefit us: “they may not attract great empathies but they do convey credibility and reliability”. Alberte Santos thinks EEC governments should stick to the basic rules and tactics of financial communication.

The battle of notions that the last two governments have engaged in (‘crisis’ and ‘bail out’) haven’t helped matters either: “seeking to avoid notions makes governments lose time and creates confusion” and “the markets don’t forgive euphemisms”.

The press conferences that the Government has held recently did not escape from the debate either: “instead of building a solid picture of the options for getting out of the crisis, a confusing and insecure scenario has been built”. There’s a very clear premise: “in the space of six months a lot of criteria and promises can change, but you have to know how to explain them”.

The role of social media is gaining importance, and according to the founder partner of evercom using social media should be one of the pillars that help gain visibility outside: “the time may come when debates on social media about the decisions of a Council of Ministers have higher readership and audience ratings than the news generated by the media that attend the Friday press conferences” as “social media cannot take the place of the legitimacy of a parliament but can help decisively to revitalise it”.

Full encounter (in Spanish):


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