Highlights of IPRN in 2017

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IPRN continues growing last year as an independent leading global network with 40 members in 27 countries and 60 offices in top world cities. New members from Korea (Bright Bell), South Africa (Mango), France (Monet), Czech Republic (Crest Communications), Chile (Headline), Panama (Stratego) and Colombia (High Results) join the leading group of PR and marketing agencies and consultancies.
Knowledge transfer continue developing in the organization with more and successful activities, like the annual congress in Moscow, the European Regional Meeting in Porto and the Project of the Year awards with a record entry list and finalists from 11 countries.
Business between members and their clients, more networking opportunities and referrals are also growing in the organization.
The new and improved IPRN website full of interesting information provides an attractive user experience for visitors with valuable useful information also in the private Members Area that includes an Agency Intelligence Centre.
IPRN participated in several important industry events; Cibecom in Miami, the EACD Summit in Brussels and the European Forum in Madrid to interact with professionals, develop networking opportunities and discuss special agreements.


Maria Verónica Diaz RamosCase studies, Corporate/CSR, Exceptional Projects 2015, Finalist

Expo Milano 2015 is taking place from May 1st to October 31st, 2015 and over 20 million visitors are expected. Its theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” has been interpreted by the Italian Pavilion with the concept “Vivaio Italia”, Italian breeding ground, where values are preserved and talents nurtured. Within the building, high quality products, traditions and future perspectives are shown, but the Pavilion itself portraits national and local virtuosities to make the world aware of Italian strength.
In partnership with three other companies, Twister won the assignment to communicate Italian Pavilion’s events. The activity includes event management, media relations and social networking. During the six-months long Universal Exhibition, Twister is promoting Pavilion’s laboratories, conferences, workshops and performances, with a continuous online and offline PR activity. Among those events, the main one is “Experia”, a contest for sustainable solutions to the problem of urban development and a TV series displaying Italian hidden wonders.


Maria Verónica Diaz RamosCase studies, Corporate/CSR, Exceptional Projects 2015, Winner Corporate/CSR

winner corporateThe Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) tapped a popular TV personality to take part in its 2014 Family Advocacy Day (FAD) in the US Capitol. JPA handled the media around the event, securing more than 259 million traditional media impressions about the advocacy day, including an exclusive with CNN’s Sunja Gupta, M.D. show. The media placements garnered by the team not only helped to raise visibility for new legislation designed to help advance medical care for children with complex medical conditions, but brought national attention to CHA’s new public policy priorities.


Maria Verónica Diaz RamosCase studies, Corporate/CSR, Exceptional Projects 2015, Finalist

The “Growth Initiative” is HSBC’s strategy for becoming the “Leading International Bank” in Germany. To foster HSBC’s perception as international core bank especially amongst German mid-sized enterprises (“Mittelstand”), communication focused on the following levers: (1) Leverage expertise in “Faster Growing Markets”; (2) Emphasize international connectivity; (3) Issue surfing; (4) Storytelling. This combination proved to be successful: In 2014, share-of-voice and sentiment scores for HSBC in Germany were top-in-class amongst all markets worldwide.

RP – eRP, the 5 main trends for 2018 By Passerelles

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The constant evolution of digital uses, the meteoric rise of the new technologies and apparent arrival of digital natives, strongly impact the communication and confuses the codes of Press Relations. Passerelles Agency gives its tips for a successful PR communication.

TOP 5 trends to remember.

1. Instant media to perpetuate

In 2018, the trend is in the “all, now!”. With the advent of new media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, Visual and instant formats are popular, and are considered to be more meaningful and more direct. A few months ago, major French media (Le Monde, L’Équipe, Konbini, Melty, Tastemade, Paris-Match, Vice) have embarked on the Discover of Snapchat platform for a young audience.

2. No longer possible to ignore influencers

They have become essentials for brands: instagramers, bloggers, YouTubers. These stars of the net are well known to all and combine success and effectiveness. They are key actors to implement ePR strategies, thanks to their powerful communities.
At the same time, it should be noted the emergence of new leaders of opinion, “micro-influencers”. These are individuals who have built their fan bases thanks to their expertise or their passions for a specific sector. It’s because they have a higher level of commitment than celebrities that consumers are more likely to follow their recommendations.
For example, the Vins d’Alsace have appealed to influencers including Joaquim and Floriane Aguera to promote their wines towards a young target, urban and trendy and generate visibility around their event ‘Drink Alsace’

3. The press-rooms are flying high

Theses on-line spaces giving access to press releases and other press tools are always available. This is a simple method to increase the visibility of the content with journalists.
To bring their press information on-line, companies can make the choice to use outsourced platforms such as Babbler or integrating their newsroom within their own web site.

4. Smart Data or nothing

More than ever the smart data are a hot topic! These intelligent data allow a new approach, which is to extract the most relevant information among the mass of data. In PR, it means sending to journalists content in agreement with their editorial policy, and they like it! The principle is not really new but it works: send the right message, at the right time, to the right media targets in order to position itself as a reliable source and giving relevant information.

5. The press kit, no longer automatic

For a long time, the press kit was just the staple of PR., but could this concentration of information that ran along with the PR from the very beginning, slowly disappears?
With the new access to information on the Internet, journalists are not that fond anymore of tedious files and use to go and seek information by themselves. However the Press Kit is not dead and can still be very appreciated by reporters, IF… you keep it very clear and synthetic, well-structured, including iconography or videos and giving access online. So forget press kits weighing over a tonne to focus on those of a dozen pages at most!

In summary: prefer short and concise formats because, in 2018, utility and efficiency will be the key-words.
In short, in 2018, new uses will be developed and not only in PR!
Fakes news will continue to shake the web, weakening trust and confidence in information.

The trendy format of the moment, the video, will continue to spread, even becoming the only format possible on some platforms (example with Watch, the platform of original videos on Facebook).
The chatbots (software discussion boosted to artificial intelligence), will settle fully in the daily life of consumers: either for ordering a pizza or answering our questions.
Augmented reality and virtual reality will continue their ascent. If the trend is not yet widespread, it will soon be, thanks to the development of Apple, Google and Samsung offers.
The media will therefore have to adapt to consumers customizing more supply to make information more appealing.

The power and potential of influencer marketing by Rosamond Evans, Edson Evers

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Our purchasing decisions have changed dramatically in recent years, from the way we are informed, to the people we are informed by. According to the stats, 72% of people now say they rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions, with 40% of Twitter users claiming to have made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.

So, what is an influencer? In simple terms, an influencer is someone with influence over an audience. This often refers to a blogger, vlogger or social influencer.

One of the key benefits of working with an influencer is that it allows you to market your business to their network, which is often comprised of a very dedicated fan base, primed… and ready to be influenced.

Of course, this behaviour pattern is nothing new. We’ve always had people to look up to, from the popular kids at school to the latest celebrity. They were ‘influential’ and, in turn, we were influenced. Nothing’s changed here, it’s just that the scale and medium that has – quite frankly – exploded.

Bloggers are now ranked as the third most trustworthy source of information, behind friends and family. So, how do we find these influencers? Research, research, research!
We need to be looking for key hashtags and trending topics relating to a specific industry. Once we identify an ‘influencer’ in our chosen space, we then need to apply a series of tests to check they are actually influential.

Generally speaking, over 10,000 followers is very good but that said we can’t ignore ‘micro influencers’. These influencers will often have fewer followers but they are likely to cover more niche topics, making their follower base very loyal and dedicated, which is pretty useful when it comes to marketing.

Other questions to ask include: Do they post regularly? Do they have a good number of posts? Do they get a lot of interaction per post? Do they have a good domain authority (DA)? This can be checked using online tools such as Moz. Generally speaking, the higher the DA, the better quality the blog.

If the answer to all the above is ‘yes’, it’s now time to think about how best to work with your chosen influencer and what you want out of it… but that’s one for next time!

JP│KOM recognized for creating successful global web magazine

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Global, interactive, infotaining – and now also decorated! BASF Coatings’ global “Coatings Matters” web magazine won over the jury at this year’s LACP spotlight awards: JP│KOM received the Platinum Award for the concept creation and implementation of the webzine. What’s more, JP│KOM’s submission was included in the Top 100 Communications Materials of 2017, ranking 10th out of all the entries reviewed worldwide this year.

Coatings Matters reaches 11,500 employees across the globe, engaging them via votes and quick polls and keeping them up-to-date with engaging stories and interactive infographics. The magazine is published quarterly, both as an online magazine and a high-quality print version. Since it was first released in March 2017, two more issues have been published, and the last issue of the year is now ready to go to print.
The League of American Communications Professionals LACP recognizes international best-in-class communication capabilities.

Team: Katharina Balkmann (project leader), Miriam Stanitzek (web and print design), Tobias Wesselmann (editor) and Milene Rijcken (concept creation).

How technology has changed the way we get our news by Abbi Cox, Edson Evers

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The dawn of the Internet made disseminating news faster, with users able to access information within seconds. Arguably the biggest leap in evolution was the introduction of social media, which changed the landscape of how we obtain news dramatically.

We’re now bombarded with live streaming, requests for user generated content, and ‘fake news’. The pace at which news is delivered and digested has hit warp speed – but is this a good thing?

With haste often comes inaccuracy, and in the rush to be the first to publish a story, sometimes we are not presented with the full picture. The rise of ‘fake news’ and the public’s growing awareness of this has also meant people are less naïve to things they read online, and will question: ‘Is this true?’

So, although social media is often the fastest way to obtain information, it can be fragmented. Because of this, traditional journalism still has its place, and many look to trusted sources for the facts. Often a story will ‘break’ on social media, but until it is verified by a newspaper, readers may not 100% trust its legitimacy.

Social media does have its advantages. It’s a great vehicle to distribute news – the challenge is to capture readers attention in less than 140 characters in order to get that all-important click through for them to continue reading.

Nowadays, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to news, as readers have become familiar with the personalisation we see on social media, featuring content adapted to their interests.

Some think that traditional news media channels will die out in the next decade or so, however the best approach is for the two to work side-by-side and complement each other, to not only survive, but thrive.

Lunson Mitchenall crowned Retail and Leisure Adviser of the Year


Lunson Mitchenall, a long-standing client of Redwood Consulting, had reason to celebrate this autumn, winning EG’s Retail & Leisure Adviser of the Year award.

Redwood advised in preparing the award entry for Lunson Mitchenall, as part of our role as the company’s external PR and marketing function. As a trusted advisor, Redwood also provides strategic communications counsel for the 42-strong team.

An independent panel of judges comprising some of the most prominent figures in the UK property industry elevated Lunson Mitchenall above a shortlist of major contenders, recognising the company’s outstanding achievements over the past 12 months.

Of particular note, the team was celebrated for its involvement with Delancey’s sale of its stake in Southside Shopping Centre, Wandsworth – which is still one of the largest shopping centre deals of 2017 and one of the biggest retail transactions since Brexit.  This high profile deal was the culmination of the London agency team’s value-add repositioning strategy that spanned nearly a decade and resulted in an impressively keen yield of 4.45%.

This year, judges pored over 80 entries, across 17 categories, which told of impressive feats and outstanding performances in agency, development, legal, building design, collaboration, tech, and much more. From established names to the must-watch up-and-comers, the awards celebrate the people and companies who drive the industry forward.

See more about the EG Awards at: http://www.egawardsevent.co.uk/EGAwards17

McOnie wins CIPR Gold Award


CIPR PRide Awards 2017

After a busy year, we are delighted to add another PR award win to our trophy cabinet!

The annual CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Pride Awards, celebrate the best in communications over the past year, with a leading panel of industry experts selecting the winners.

This year we submitted entries in two categories, the Best Low Budget Campaign and the Integrated Campaign category, showcasing our some of the great work we have carried out on behalf of our clients.  We were shortlisted in both categories and travelled to the Awards event in Bristol with eager anticipation.

We weren’t disappointed as we kicked off the evening by winning the Quiz and then the raffle!  But the celebrations really began when we were announced as Gold winners in the Best Low Budget Campaign.  With stiff competition in the Integrated Campaign category, we had to be satisfied with being shortlisted, which is a great accolade in itself.

Here’s what we did to become award winners once again…

Best Low Budget Campaign

PRide 2017 Gold Winner

This award recognises a PR campaign that best uses a budget of up to £10,000 to achieve client objectives and deliver maximum ROI.

Our award winning campaign entitled, ‘Will Robots Steal our Jobs,’ was a research based project for the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, challenging preconceptions about automation in a bid to get the issue onto the boardroom agenda. The results of the survey we conducted and the wider press campaign generated broad attention from national,   business and industry media   and we challenged perceptions on the future of automation in manufacturing.  In total, we secured 39 pieces of coverage reaching an audience of over 10 million.

Winning this  award demonstrates our ability to deliver maximum ROI in our campaigns, showcasing how we create compelling stories that amplify brands and position our clients as true experts in their respective fields.

Integrated Campaign

Mixing contemporary and traditional methods of PR, our shortlisted integrated campaign entitled ‘Putting Our Best Feet Forward,’ focused on our work  for global functional footwear specialists, HAIX.  Throughout the campaign, we utilised various communication channels from advertising, exhibition attendance, press visits, competitions and media engagement to ensure we reached HAIX’s target audience. We positioned the client as a thought leader and solutions provider for a range of pertinent industry issues. Digital activity reached 1.2 million and the total circulation for the media relations programme was over 2.5 million.

We embraced the changing communications landscape to amplify our messages across different platforms.

This recognition demonstrates our ability and passion for bringing clarity to communications. We’ve had a great year and can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store! For more information about clients and campaigns we have worked across, click here.

PR Partner starts new cooperations with FOREO and Heavy Fair


FOREO: PR Partner will provide PR support of FOREO, the cosmetic brand of the innovative skincare devices. Within the framework, the agency’s specialists will provide a range of PR services, including the initiation of publications in the media and blogs, preparation of press releases, interviews and comments, organization and conduct of events.

FOREO was founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. The flagship product of the cosmetic company is the award-winning silicone skin care device LUNA™. Today FOREO has a presence in over 35 countries and available for online ordering worldwide.

Heavy Fair: PR Partner will be engaged in PR promotion of Heavy Fair, the big online portal for the sale and purchase of machinery.

According to the agreement specialists of the agency will provide a range of PR services including preparation and distribution of press releases, initiation of interviews, expert publications and comments in the media, organize of special projects with mass media and personal meetings with journalists, company’s participation in professional events.

Heavy Fair is the online portal which provides a complete cycle of purchase and sale of equipment with operating time (pre-sales expertise, various sale options, security and documentary support of deals).

AutoCom Deutschland wins new client


AutoCom has won a new client: Ehrt Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany.

Ehrt Maschinenbau has been developing and producing punching and bending machines since its inception in 1963. Their unique bending technology measures each bend angle and provides spring back compensation. This gives the bend angle of flat materials true accuracy. The company is market leader in its segment.

The EHRT product range includes complete processing (cutting, punching, and bending) of bus bars. The customers are mostly companies producing equipment for the electrical industry, especially switchgear production.

Public Dialog with the best Pro Bono campaign


Public Dialog has been awarded in the Platinum PR Awards, organized by the PR News. The project “Report: The Role of Corporate Communication” was recognized as the best Pro Bono Campaign.

The winning project is a pioneering research on the role of corporate communication in the biggest Polish and international companies. The survey  was carried out by the ARC Rynek i Opinia Research Institute using the Computer-assisted Web Interviewing Method (CAWI). 120 representatives of Polish (77) and international (43) companies employing at least 250 people participated in the project. The respondents were people responsible for corporate communication within the companies.

Platinum PR Awards is a prestigious international trade contest, where the PR News awards the prizes to the most creative and innovative communication campaigns. This year’s awards ceremony took place on September 14 in New York and gathered  representatives of numerous agencies from around the world.

More information about competition: http://www.prnewsonline.com/go/2017-platinum-and-agency-elite-awards/

The full report “The role of corporate communications” can be downloaded from: www.komunikacjakorporacyjna.com.pl or www.publicdialog.pl.

At TEAM PR the last few months have been very fruitful having gained some important new clients



Yıldız Holding: One of the biggest holdings in Turkey operating in many sectors. This holding bought GODIVA couple of years ago and is still investing abroad. https://english.yildizholding.com.tr. We are serving the five companies within this Holding:

  • AYTAC: Aytaç Plants stand as one of the largest integrated investments in the world with a daily capacity to slaughter 750 bovine and 2,500 ovine animals, to produce 100,000 On-Plate and 60,000 Bagged Whole chickens, and to process 60,000 tons of animal annually at state-of-the-art food technology.
  • SOK: A very well known supermarket of 5.000 stores in Turkey.
  • KEREVITAS/SUPER FRESH: The pioneer in frozen foods production, as well as Turkey’s first company in the frozen food retail sector.
  • BESLER: A group company of Yıldız Holding was founded in order to meet the fat and oil supply need of the holding companies.

Korkmaz: Produces pots, pans and table vape. A very well known Turkish company with a very good reputation.  http://korkmaz.com.tr

Türkiye Noterler Birliği: Turkish Notery Public Assosiation

Muehle Shaving: https://www.muehle-shaving.com

KAAN AIR: The leading aviation company in Turkey.  http://www.kaanair.com/mainpage/about-us/

Bella Maison: Is the Turkish version of Zara Home. A new player in the market but with a very strong back ground http://bellamaison.com.tr

UNO: the biggest packaged bread and bakery company

Comunicación Iberoamericana was appointed by DOT Philippines as its representative, marketing and PR agency


The agency specialized in tourism promotion, Comunicación Iberamericana, will implement the Marketing and Communication Plan of The Philippines in the Spanish market, as well as develop the promotional  actions focused on the tourist industry and the final consumer.

Communication, marketing and PR agency will be the new representative of the Department of Tourism of Philippines in all the activities that will be organized in the spanish market. For Diego Barceló, President of Comunicación Iberoamericana, “This new account is a big step ahead for the agency in the asian market. Expanding our client portfolio in that region was one of the main goals we had set at the beginning of the year. We are very proud to be able to represent the Philippines, a country so beloved by the spanish for the close ties that unite us, and we are sure that we will manage to increase the flow of tourists to the country, where connectivity is increasing significantly.

“Gerry Panga, Director of the Philippine Tourism Office in Europe, declared that “the Spanish market is showing great growth potential and we believe that it is important to step up the promotional activities on it.”

The Philippines is one of the destinations with the largest increase in his positioning in the Spanish market in these years. In 2016, the Asian country registered the visit of 32.097 Spanish tourists, 32.94% more than the previous year, becoming the seventh country in the ranking. In July 2017, the asian country received 22,1% more.

Revo results for Islington Square


It’s been a busy start to autumn for the Islington Square team at Redwood as we have continued to support the ongoing leasing activity at the £400 million mixed-use development being delivered by a joint venture partnership between Cain International and Sager Group. Redwood organised an event on the Cushman & Wakefield stand at the Revo conference, and worked with Revo to organise a Revo Study Tour at Islington Square the following week.

Islington Square’s ‘Detox before you retox’ event on the Cushman & Wakefield stand at Revo on Wednesday 20 September saw Islington Square partner with Third Space to provide conference delegates with the chance to take part in a mini assessment via a BMI machine with professional Third Space trainers.

Redwood also secured a speaking opportunity for Richard Pilkington, Managing Director of Cain International. Richard spoke on the ‘Who would invest in UK retail property right now’ panel, and explored with other panellists how structural change in the sector is changing retail and retail property owners business models, and the impact this is having on retail property as an asset class.

The following week, more than 40 industry members gathered at Islington Square on Wednesday 27 September for a Revo Study Tour. The morning included presentations from Richard Pilkington, Managing Director at Cain International and Piers Gough, Partner at CZWG Architects, followed by a tour of the construction site led by members of the project team.

As one of the few truly mixed-use developments currently underway in the capital, Islington Square will deliver 170,000 sq ft of retail and leisure space, 263 high-quality new homes, 108 serviced apartments, 38,000 sq ft modern office space, and exceptional new public realm.

Premium health club Third Space and boutique cinema The Lounge by Odeon have already signed pre-lets, and subject to planning approval, a brand new King’s Head Theatre will opening at Islington Square.

Redwood coordinates and executes the communications surrounding the retail elements of Islington Square, and oversees the implementation of the overarching communications strategy, on behalf of Sager Group and Cain International. The team led the organisation of these recent events to support the overall marketing of the development.


Glamazle.com names a Lipstick after Yardstick Marketing as a testimonial to the services offered


  • Glamazle.com, the online beauty and fashion store that caters to the lifestyle needs of the Middle East, introduces ‘Glambry – Yardstick’ lipstick along with other shades as a testimonial to the Public Relations and Marketing services offered
  • Yardstick Marketing Management, a boutique Integrated Marketing solutions agency amidst its varied range of clientele takes care of Glamazle.com’s PR, Blogger and Influencer Marketing in the region
  • Housing high-end brands such as Kat Von D, Jouer Cosmetics, Kylie, NYX among others, the online beauty platform, Glamazle.com introduced its first striking shades of super matte liquid lipstick called the ‘Glambry’ collection

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 15, 2017: Glamazle.com, the one-stop shop for skincare, beauty and fashion products, presents the ‘Glambry’ lipstick range. Recognizing its PR agency effort, Glamazle.com had named one of the lipstick from the Glambry collection – Yardstick.  The Glambry collection also includes different shades from pinks, nudes, reds, deep burgundy among others to choose from.

Neelam Keswani, Founder, Glamazle.com, said, “I have been working with Yardstick Marketing Management since early 2017, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve seen my brand receive some great exposure in the media, and am keen to see how the upward streak in our outreach unfurls. Yardstick Marketing not only acted like an agency but as consultants and suggested on the right mediums to gain exposure for our event, and across the board with their integrated efforts.”

Commenting on the introduction, Anishkaa Gehani, Managing Director, Yardstick Marketing said, “It is amazing to witness Glamazle.com’s growth over the last year. From the very beginning both Neelam and Roshan had their goals set in place and it is absolute pleasure to see both work together to achieve them. There is a high demand for beauty and lifestyle products in this region and it is amazing to see them carve a niche for themselves. From a marketing standpoint, we are pleased to have met their expectations. We are humbled by the Yardstick lipstick launch and are looking forward to supporting them with our expertise and services in the long run.”

The liquid lipstick is long wearing, water proof, smudge-resistant and matte colour. The saturated formula brings an intense shot of matte pigment in one easy stroke. With just a single stroke application the lips can get a smudge resistant coverage for long hours and sets all day.

Other shade from the The Glambry range are Empress, TQueen, Sultana, Lady M, Jasmine, Diva, Afari, D.Dynasty, Princess, Majesty, Elanor, Ruby, Sheikha in shades of pretty pinks, reds and browns.

Founded by Neelam Keswani, Glamazle.com is the region’s one stop store where one can find the world’s leading beauty and cosmetic brands at just a click. The website houses international names with a wide variety of makeup, skin, hair and nail care, wellness and lifestyle products.

Yardstick Marketing Management, a boutique Integrated Marketing solutions agency amidst its varied range of clientele takes care of Glamazle.com’s PR, Blogger and Influencer Marketing in the region. Account operational since the star of 2018, Glamazle.com is able to themselves creating a niche as well as successfully growing in the region.

Edson Evers begins next chapter with new rebrand


Edson Evers

Edson Evers, one of the longest-running communication businesses in the Midlands, has unveiled its new branding, beginning its next chapter as a leading multi-channel PR and marketing agency.

Established in 1972 and based in Stafford, Staffordshire, Edson Evers’ rebrand builds upon its established reputation for delivering award-winning national and international PR and marketing campaigns, while updating the organisation’s brand identity and raising the profile of its digital, video and content offering.

With clients including Calor Gas, lock and security provider Yale, and habitat and construction markets leader Saint-Gobain, the agency’s multi-channel approach covers public relations, crisis communications, content and design, digital services, social media and influencer marketing.

Managing Director Grace Duggal explains: “We are extremely proud to launch our new branding, which captures the essence of what we do: helping organisation’s share inspiring ideas, create compelling conversations with key influencers and deliver exciting content campaigns, whatever the channel or medium.

“The new logo’s design pays homage to ideas and communication, whether in the form of a thought bubble, speech or that all-important ‘light bulb’ moment.

“Put simply, our mission is to tell your story to the people that matter. With our help, businesses can develop what might begin as a small idea or conversation, and amplify it so it becomes something truly special and captures people’s imagination.

“We have had hugely positive feedback from the current businesses we work with about the rebrand and, as we move into 2018, we cannot wait to see what new opportunities it helps generate.”

Edson Evers employs 23 members of staff, including an in-house design studio, videographer and a team of digital experts. The organisation is also a member of the International Public Relations Network.

PR Partner organises PR Support for exciting events


Check Point Security Day 2017

Check Point Security Day 2017

PR Partner specialists organized information support for the annual conference on information security Check Point Security Day 2017. The agency’s tasks included inviting media to the conference and holding a round table for journalists with the participation of Check Point management, as well as preparing press materials and attracting information partners.

Speakers of the company informed the press about setting up a local production of Check Point devices in Russia and also shared plans for 2018. The conference was attended by representatives of ComNews, Hacker, Anti-Malware, PC Week, Information Security, Banki.ru, BYTE Russia, System Administrator. The agency team also initiated an exclusive interview with the management of Check Point and requests for comments from the media.

Check Point Security Day is the annual conference in the field of information security where leading experts and analysts discuss actual issues of cybersecurity, talk about key trends and share case studies of implementing information security solutions.
Oracle Cloud Day

Oracle Cloud Day

On 26th October the largest annual conference about cloud technologies was held in Moscow — Oracle Cloud Day. Representatives of Russian leading companies got acquainted with Oracle innovations which help them to use cloud services in Russian conditions. PR Partner team organized information support for the event.

PR Partner’s event department worked with information partners, coordinate media representatives. The conference was attended by more than 900 people. 11 journalists from such publications as Kommersant, ComNews, Open Systems Publishing House and others participated at the press conference, that was held within the framework of the Oracle Cloud Day.

Winx Club musical show

Winx Club Musical Show

PR Partner organized PR support of the “Winx Club” musical show on October 29 at the Cinema House in Moscow.

Specialists from the agency integrated the brand into the event of COSMIK entertainment centers and also organized a complex information support for the winter shows in all COSMIK clubs.

A series of ticket draws were held on social media, including the Winx Club fan communities, “Lisa. My child” and “Klassny Magazine” and also within the network of children’s cities of professions KidBurg.

“Winx Club” is an extremely popular animated series about young fairies who save the world from dark forces.

B2B PR Agency announce rebrand to ‘McOnie’



The McOnie Agency has re-branded as McOnie to better reflect its approach of clear, compelling and effective communications services. This came into effective on 16th October 2017.

Alongside a new brand name and website, clients have been introduced to McOnie’s brand proposition that highlights its approach to communications since inception in 1990. B2B PR often comprises complex products and services that can’t always be easily communicated.  McOnie advocate ‘The Power of Clarity’, bringing focus to the offer and making messaging and activity clear and memorable.

Managing Director Sarah McOnie said “Over time, our services have evolved to reflect the changing communications landscape. We’ve become a crisis communications, international, digital and creative agency – a far cry from the ‘PR’ of our heritage. We want everyone to know this.” The new look is industrial, confident, bold, modern and professional.

With over 27 years’ experience working for industrial and technical market-leading brands, McOnie’s decision to re-brand now is a sign of how the agency has grown, and just how long they plan on sticking around.

Would you like a free doughnut?




Of course! Who wouldn’t? Krispy Kreme and UberEATS must have thought they were onto a winner when they teamed up for a giveaway earlier this week, with 36,000 (3,000 dozen) doughnuts available free of charge in central London, to celebrate Krispy Kreme joining Uber’s delivery service. Both companies are fighting high-profile competitors in a packed marketplace, so what better than a social media flood of happy customers enjoying the fruits of their union? Press reports, social sharing and word of mouth had whetted the public appetite, and the capital was set to indulge in gratis glazed goodness.

The best-laid plans…

At the magic hour, sky-high demand immediately overloaded UberEATS. Krispy Kreme stores didn’t show for some; orders remained unconfirmed; many were confirmed then cancelled; eventually, the stores disappeared entirely under the strain. Spurned pastry lovers were quick to voice their displeasure on social media, and the hype was demolished as quickly as it had been built:

Uber eventually put out a statement explaining that they had been overwhelmed by orders; Krispy Kreme sent out a tweet subtly emphasising that it was Uber’s fault. As if things couldn’t be any worse for the beleaguered duo, it also came to light that the giveaway had accidentally taken place on World Diabetes Day.

UberEATS’s largest competitor, Deliveroo, rode in on a white charger with other doughnut providers, ‘saving’ hungry commuters that had missed out on the original promotion.

The sugary tale illustrates some lessons for running similar promotions:

Overestimate demand: Better some left over than vocally disappointed consumers, upset with your brand

Beware disappointment: Turning the public into your brand ambassadors is great, but people are quick to turn on companies they feel have misled them

Sort your logistics: Whether it’s a tech platform or something physical, assume the highest level of engagement and test your systems thoroughly

Think fast: Deliveroo, Crosstown Doughnuts and Doughnut Time added insult to injury by leaping in to secure a quick PR boost, at very little cost

It ain’t over till it’s over

But was it a complete failure? Arguably not: the goal was to let people know they can get Krispy Kreme doughnuts through UberEATS. While there has been short-term pain, the only official way to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts is through UberEATS – and we can be pretty sure plenty of people know about it!

By Redwood Consulting

The lesson all brands can learn from John Lewis’ Christmas ad


John lewis Ad

With John Lewis’ 2017 Christmas ad – #MozTheMonster – now available, what role do stories play in driving commercial success for brands, and how can marketers capitalise on this?

It’s here, the most wonderful time of the year: the launch of this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.

The retail giant has perfected the festive ad into a fine art, with campaigns that have become the envy of others. You only have to look at the slew of Christmas adverts released in the past week – from M&S’ Paddington & The Christmas Visitor and Amazon’s Give, to the return of Kevin the Carrot in the new Aldi ad – to understand the business opportunity available for brands with a story.

But a story is only worth sharing if it is worth telling in the first place.

John Lewis’ campaigns are built on deep human truths, which resonate and move us. The best offer beautiful, magical storytelling, placing product second and allowing the tale the brand wishes to tell take centre stage. Creative thinking helps drive commercial success, enhancing brand reputation while developing an emotional connection for your customer.

Crucially, creativity goes hand-in-hand with profitability.

The retail giant shared only a glimpse of the advert on Twitter in the run-up to its full unveil. A clip of a set of mysterious eyes, posted from an unofficial Twitter account and accompanied by simply the hashtag #UnderTheBed and the eyes emoji, was enough to capture the attention of even the most cautiously curious.

And then, on 9th November, the organisation altered the brand signage on some of its storefronts around the UK, replacing the ‘o’ and the ‘e’ with a beady eye, teasing the campaign one step further.

On 10th November, the full ad was released. In my opinion, the campaign is yet another monstrous success for John Lewis.

The ad sees our young protagonist kept awake by a seven-foot imaginary monster, Moz. The young boy befriends the playful monster, but their midnight adventures begin to cause a serious lack of sleep for the kid.

To help the young boy to sleep, Moz gives him a special present – wrapped in a wonderfully haphazard fashion, which any of us who struggle to provide the perfectly-presented gift can relate with.

While the young boy momentarily believes he will no longer be able to enjoy his night-time escapades with his friend, a low grumble from Moz reassures the boy – and the audience – that he can conjure up his friend whenever he wishes.

The ‘deep human truths’ fall thick and fast throughout the advert: imaginary friends created as a child; the mad dash as a kid to run back into bed when a parent approaches your bedroom door and you know you should be asleep; the epically disastrous attempts at wrapping present – these are all included. Nostalgia, memories, humour, happiness; every colour and shade of storytelling.

Fiercely competitive at the best of times, Christmas is the season when the UK retail market really takes it up a notch. The arrival of ‘Black Friday’ and the rise of online sales has posed increasing challenges for businesses in recent years, when the key to sales still largely relies on in-store traffic. Campaigns such as #MozTheMonster play an important part in helping make John Lewis more profitable.

This year’s ad from John Lewis is the latest in a long series of successful campaigns. Who could forget Monty the Penguin, dreaming of his equal to love and cherish, and his best friend that helps make his wishes come true. This campaign, incidentally, became the retailer’s most effective and profitable one to date, and this case study from Campaign about the initiative’s strategy, roll-out and results makes for fascinating reading.

It remains to be seen whether #MozTheMonster will topple this feat. Regardless, for marketing professionals, the John Lewis Christmas ads represent the pinnacle of a truly multi-channel approach. They incorporate digital, social media, media relations, live PR stunts, immersive experiences and – at their core – a captivating piece of video content that drives the entire campaign forward.

The most successful and warmly received campaigns tell a tale that stays true to the purpose of the brand. However, it’s interesting to note that the disruptors of recent years – Airbnb, Uber, GoPro – do not tell stories, but actually help people live theirs. Whether it’s through the environment you reside in, the transport you take, or the adventures you experience, these brands help bring stories to life.

Brands need to understand the value of telling stories to others, and how their offering plays a vital role in helping customers to live their stories too.

By James Montgomery, Edson Evers