Kitchen Garden on a Balcony national competition: Passerelles, France

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Project of the Year 2011

Consumer Category Winner

Passerelles, France

Client: D’aucy

National Competition – Kitchen Garden on a Balcony


D’aucy is the market leader of tinned vegetables in France. It also markets frozen vegetables and ready-made meals. It is owned by an agricultural co-operative of 1500 farmers. Its market share was being eroded by the competition


  1. To find new ways to promote D’aucy
  2. Bring the name to the attention of potential consumers


  1. Invented a catchy new word that caught the imagination of the media, “daucyculture”
  2. Established a national competition ‘Kitchen Garden on a Balcony’


  1. Press releases spread the word about the competition in the national and regional media
  2. New website for daucyculture and the annual competition
  3. Facebook page created
  4. Free ‘kitchen garden’ seeds sent by D’aucy to all registering
  5. Photographs posted onto the website at various stages of growth for judges to view
  6. Judging panel of D’aucy farmers, journalists and bloggers
  7. Successful test of idea in May 2008


  1. Progressively more successful each year
  2. In 2010 more than 60 articles (newspaper/magazines) and 80% included an image. Websites and blogs contributed 25 articles. 90% of all talked about daucyculture
  3. Journalists love the competition, which they consider is playful and educational
  4. The competition, along with other elements of the marketing mix,  has helped to stop the D’aucy market position being eroded and made the brand more visible and likeable

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