Moscow-based PR Partner licenses first franchisee for PR services

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IPRN’s Moscow member, PR Partner, is continuously seeking opportunities for business development to improve working efficiency and expand its activities. It recently entered into its first franchise agreement with advertising agency Mediatron, based in Krasnodar, in the south of the country.

The agreement allows Mediatron the right to use PR Partner’s trademark and its accumulated knowledge in the field of PR. This includes the in-depth market knowledge gained over the years together with the technologies and tools that PR Partner has developed since its inception.

This development is part of PR Partner’s quest for sustained growth and allows the agency and its partners to provide professional PR support  based on the knowledge and experience of local experts in regions where hitherto it may have been lacking.

As part of the signed agreement Mediatron’s top managers have already completed a two week initiation internship at PR Partner where they were immersed in the agency’s business processes. These included the PR Partner system utilised for recruitment and training of employees; negotiating with clients; types of reporting and commercial offers together with promotional tools.

Franchisee, Anna Gubenko said, “The demand for quality PR services in the Southern Federal District is long overdue. Major foreign companies are opening offices and we are seeing development and growth in banking, tourism, hospitality and agriculture.

“We realised that we needed the support of PR professionals and studied the top twenty Russian communications agencies thoroughly. We chose PR Partner firstly because we noted their business is growing steadily and secondly the team receives positive feedback not only from customers but also from competitors.”

Victoria Parshkova, Development Director, PR Partner, commented, “We know that many regional companies need competent PR support but, until now, the only really professional agencies were found in Moscow and St. Petersburg. While not revolutionising the PR services market we are taking the first step towards a service that originated on demand.”


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