Membership benefits

IPRN provides members’ clients with the resources to work internationally through the associates they select, secure in the knowledge that the work undertaken will be done well because our members know each other, and their capabilities so well.

Members are periodically informed by the General Manager and other members of developments within the organization, clients, projects, work and experiences thereby contributing to the best transfer of knowledge and experience.

IPRN has an Executive Council or Board of Directors, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary /a and Chairmen of the Committees that are elected annually, as well as a Code of Conduct conditional for all members.

The main goal is international knowledge transfer, comprising a myriad of professional information, data, guidelines, best practices, case studies, inter-agency l information industry experts and resources to improve skills.

New members are incorporated after a formal application process and after due diligence has been applied. This ensures that the capacity, expertise, markets and skills of the new member reaches the high quality expected of IPRN members. Supportive references are requested from clients and from tnational PR associations, then the majority of members must approve membership.

Being a member of IPRN is a seal of recognition of your agency’s skills and expertise, and offers the opportunity to actively participate in a worldwide organization to further enhance your reputation and motivate your staff.

Annual General Meeting

As a plenary meeting of all members the AGM is the primary opportunity for members to influence the decisions and control of the organization. At AGMs the following are typically debated and discussed:

Definition of the objectives and strategies to be developed for IPRN during the following year.

Evaluation of the previous year, including a. Assessment of the general work, the business associations, commissions and results.

Formal approval of accounts and approval of the following year’s budget.

Election of Directors: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Chairmen of members’ committees as necessary.

Selection of the place and dates of the following AGM / Conference and Regional meetings.

Project of the Year attracts entries from member agencies providing a showcase for that agency’s best work during the preceding year. The judging is undertaken by those members attending the conference; fellow professionals being the of harshest critics.