Maria and Aga: the international love saga

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Moscow, Russia

For kitchen cabinet maker Maria PR Partner organised the presentation of the world-famous English ovens Aga and Falcon, manufactured by AGA RangeMaster, to an audience of designers and journalists.

Guests learned of the love story between “Maria” and AGA RangeMaster that became possible due to Gerard Depardieu, who endorses “Maria” in Russia and is also a big fan of the AGA ovens.

AGA Rangemaster management explained the benefits of the ovens’ functions and their popularity in Europe. The evening highlight was a culinary master-class given by Dawn Roads from Great Britain who demonstrated the ease of cooking with an AGA oven.

The 36 guests who attended included such popular gastronomic publications as HlebSol (Breadsalt), Gastronom, Elle Decoration, Idei Vashego Doma (Your House Ideas), Marie Claire, and

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