Kragelund Kommunikation, Denmark, achieves highest credit rating

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For the third year in a row the Danish IPRN partner, Kragelund Kommunikation, has received the highest possible credit rating from Soliditet. The AAA rating attests to Kragelund Kommunication’s ability to meet their payment obligations and on this basis the company has been awarded a Bronze diploma to confirm that it is a strong business partner with excellent financial controls.

Gitte Høyer, managing director, Kragelund Kommunication said, “Bankruptcies and suspension of payments are becoming increasingly common and for this reason alone it is important that both we and our business partners can be trusted. A solid credit rating, such as that we’ve been given by Soliditet is an important parameter.”

She went onto say that Solditet is the leading provider of business and credit information in the Nordic countries. Each year  Solditet examines 160,00 accountable companies in Denmark. Among the elements that they assess are the economy, payer status and ownership of the companies. Of those examined only 7.7 percent achieved the highest AAA rating.

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