IPRN’s Russian member, PR Partner, solves the gender-specific holiday issue…with honeycakes

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IPRN member PR Partner, a Russian communication agency, has solved the holiday problem which is a real headache for most Russian companies. The end of winter in Russia means the start of the gender-specific holiday season.

Why a problem?

The problem of the gender-specific holidays lies in the cultural and historical traditions of the country. Russia is a country with a great number of public holidays, as well as various holidays that are celebrated by large groups of its citizens. The end of winter/beginning of spring starts off with two gender-specific holidays, first being the “The Day of the Motherland’s Protector”, held on February 23, and the second — “The International Women’s day”, held on March 8.

The “International Women’s Day” is easily defined: women of all ages are being congratulated by men all over the country. The “Day of the Motherland’s Protector”, however, is historically a holiday which doesn’t target men, but rather all those who are in the military. The military service in Russia is compulsory for all men, but there are a large number of people who avoid it for various reasons (for example, health problems).

This leads to the conflict of an undefined holiday of February 23.

For any company such a gender-specific holiday would normally be an opportunity for congratulating their male or female Clients and Partners, but some men, while receiving a present for February 23, react poorly, complaining, that this holiday has nothing to do with them or their lifestyle.

A lovely solution!

PR Partner found a compromise for this case, basing their theory on their partner-like relationship with all Clients. Instead of dividing their contact base by gender, they declared their love for Clients on February 14, on St. Valentine’s day.

“We love our clients, we really do!” says Inna Alexeeva, CEO of PR Partner: “We decided that we will not differentiate our Clients by gender, like many other companies do. Most of our clients have been with us for many years, and our relationship is now really partner-like.  So on Valentine’s day our partners receive a present from us: something unusual, useful or funny, and always lovely!”

Dmitry Turusin, marketing consultant at PR Partner, adds: Last year we went with kaleidoscopes in packaging that we decorated with parody proverbs on PR – “Jack of all trades and master of PR”, “Rome was not promoted in a day”, “Two speakers are better than one” and others. This year we presented our Clients honeycakes with our best wishes and received a great number of thanks via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. We already have ideas on what we will be doing next year, but let it remain a surprise!”

PR Partner presented clients with a box of honeycakes

PR Partner team pays close attention to what presents they make, and there is a separate budget specifically for these presents. Keeping in touch with Clients is critical for any business, especially in B2B.

Inna Alexeeva continued, “Even a trivial present, at a right time can make a big difference. This is why congratulating Clients with the most popular holidays in your country is crucial.”

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