IPRN Bursary report from Eva Fesel, Senft & Partner , Vienna , Austria who visited Edson Evers, Stafford , Great Britain Argentina in June 2015.

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IPRN means working together in so many ways and sharing ideas in an open and communicative way. In June 2015, I was very lucky to spend three days at Edson Evers in Stafford, UK, and to meet this team.
Right after my arrival I had some time to walk through the pretty little town. Did you know, that the largest remaining timber framed town house in England is located in Stafford? It is called “The Ancient High House” and is one of the finest Tudor buildings in the country. Coming from Vienna I appreciated the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of the small town.
I was very warmly welcomed by Peter Haddock, Account Director at Edson Evers and he and his wife were amazing hosts on my first evening, which I enjoined very much.

And on the next day: Work began! Arriving at the office Peter introduced me to the whole staff. All of them were not only informative but also showed me what they were working on right now and for which client. For me this was exciting because there are really interesting overlaps with our agency: companies producing materials for the construction and housing sectors and supplier companies trading with them. I discovered many similarities between our clients.
After getting to know the organization of the teams my first session concerning „Video“ started. Peter gave me a picture about why and how they started making videos years ago. He gave me directions how to begin, step by step, which equipment makes sense and what kind of mistakes can be prevented. But most importantly, he presented many examples, not only for making videos, but also for how to use them in several ways and how to distribute them on different channels. This was absolute relevant to the ideas in our agency „at home“.
On the same day Ali Richards and Rosamond Evans showed me some examples of their work that were definitely trend-setting: the different ways videos should be used – whether B2B, B2C or for internal communication.
In the evening I had dinner with Stephen Key, Managing Director. This was not only a nice evening, but more than that it gave me a reality check. PR Agencies all over the world are searching for the same answers (exclusivity, prices, etc.) and are struggling against the same things. I know, that this is one of the reason for founding IPRN, but it was so interesting to discuss all these various topics.
Conclusion Day#1:
– Use videos for every kind of communication: B2B, B2C or for internal purposes!
– Just do it: Begin with pictures and small videos from your smartphone and
increase quality step by step
– Create your own channels and platforms instead of only using other ones

Day two was the day for…… making a video on site! How thrilling! And how hot! 30 degrees in the shade, which felt more like 40 on site. But together with Peter and Amy Morrison we did it! Our first presenter was John from Smiths Bletchington: Standing in front of a huge wheel loader, he talked about his experiences with „Finning“. We needed only one take! Or was it Peter, who did not allow a second one? During positioning John, the camera and the wheel loader he explained me every step of procedure, how to find the best picture composition and why it is so important to do only one take. And then he started the next challenge: I had to shoot a video and moreover I had to act in one! To be honest: Peter issued a warning the day before, so I prepared some really nice phrases but they were off and away- completely forgotten! As Peter is obviously used to that kind of circumstances, he asked me several short questions and then it worked. Take a look at the result here (LINK TO VIDEO).
Conclusion Day#2:
– When on site, take every picture and every video you can – maybe you can use
them one day!
– There’s no need for a second take: People get nervous and most of the time the
first one is the best one!
– A good director always helps with the right questions at the right time

So, if you ever get the chance to visit a member of IPRN: Take it! It is fascinating, mind-opening, eye-opening and above all it’s fun. I want to thank the staff of Edson Evers for investing that lot of time on my visit and to be really open to answer all my questions.

Eva Fesel July 2015