IPRN Austrian member, Senft & Partner wins new business

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Susanne Senft,  founder and owner of Senft & Partner, reports that the agency has acquired two new pieces of business and two accounts won in 2012 has reconfirmed Senft’s involvement in 2013.


Bellaflora, Austria’s biggest gardening centre, with 500 employees, 26 outlets and an 88 million euro turnover is a new client. Quester has also decided to put its communications needs in the expert hands of Senft & Partner.

Bellaflora Tomatoes

As one of Austria’s biggest specialised traders for building products the company has 24 outlets, 600 employers and turns over 250 million euros. It is part of the CRH group, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


The two accounts that have been reconfirmed are Gauhlhofer, one of the leading producers of windows in Austria with an 82 million euros turnover. The firm has 550 employees.


UK headquartered manufacturer of box-spring beds, Vi-Spring, will continue its working association with Senft & Partner for 2013. The company has 240 employees and a turnover of 41 million euros.

Vi-Spring Majesty



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