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Harbinger has just launched a new fundraising programme on behalf of its client, the Canadian Cancer Society. The Million Dollar Hockey Pool is the first major charitable sports pool in Canada that also includes an opportunity to win CND $1 million.


The programme is an online hockey pool contest where the objective is to put together a winning streak by selecting a wining team in the soon to be played professional hockey games. Participants will try and pick one winning team from the selection daily and if the team selected wins, the player continues to build that streak. If they don’t they have to start a new streak. If someone puts a steak of 45 consecutive games in a row they’ll win the million dollar prize. There are a variety of other prizes to be won, the recently launched website details them all http://milliondollarhockeypool.ca.

Proceeds from the programme will go directly to helping the Canadian Cancer Society to fight more than 200 types of cancer in four different ways:

* Research, which has enabled more people than ever before to survive

* Support programmes to decrease stress and anxiety in patients and family carers these include:

Cancer Information Service that helps people find answers theycan trust about, for example, treatment, side effects and clinical trials.

–  Wheels of Hope programme that helps cancer patients to get treatment when they have no other way of accessing it.

–  Peer Support service which matches cancer patients with a trained volunteer who has lived through a similar experience.

– Through the online community CancerConnection.ca patients and carers can share experiences and build support relationships.

– And Smokers’ Helpline offers free, personalised and non-judgemental support, advice and information.

* Prevention activities are aimed at educating people about what they can do to reduce their cancer risk, and inform them of the importance of screening.

* Cancer related issues are put on the political agenda through the organization’s advocacy efforts thus giving voice to cancer patients and their families.

Jeff Weiss for Harbinger said, “We’re delighted to have been instrumental in developing and launching this great new initiative for the Canadian Cancer Society not least because hockey is such an integral part of every Canadian’s psyche. We expect The Million Dollar Hockey Pool to become the ‘must play’ game. It’s a lot of fun and most importantly everyone is doing good for the Canadian Cancer Society too.”


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