Gribnau Communications helps to launch new travel concept of home dining throughout Asia via online platform

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Travellers connected with locals through food and experiences

Gribnau Communications is helping Withlocals launch its online concept of home dining across Asia to holidaymakers wishing to experience the real culture and customs of the region they’re visiting. The platform is aiming to create 10,000 home restaurants in Asia within three years.

Although just launching the Withlocals site – – is already a success having received more than 11,000 registrations from potential Asian hosts. Four hundred have been selected to offer their cooking skills and talents via the platform. Varied and diverse dining experiences will be offered and could include eating with a local family in the picturesque village of Mae Wang, which is seldom visited by tourists, or dining at home with a Malaysian TV host and celebrity chef.Eat with locals

Asia is the second largest and fastest growing tourist destination in the world and bookings, according to, are expected to grow by almost 200% in 2016. Withlocals is offering home restaurants, tours and activities in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia and Sri Lanka with other destinations scheduled to follow.

Marijin Maas, co-founder with his brother Willem, said, “The travel world is changing. There’s a shift from the run-of-the-mill all-inclusive holidays to those where you experience more of the local culture and customs. That’s what Withlocals is offering – and the beneficiaries are the local people.”Home dining across Asia

Something unique and memorable for a price that is often less than that of a tour operator can be achieved through Withlocals said Willem, who also commented, “What could be more enjoyable than eating with a Nepalese family at home with a panoramic view of the Himalayas and hearing all the stories and tips for trips from people who are steeped in local knowledge?”

Withlocals promises to connect travellers with locals through food and experiences, visit for further information.

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