Gribnau Communications help NGO Know What You Spend and Vodafone to publicise new research on how kids use their mobiles without counting the cost

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Netherlands based NGO Know What You Spend has teamed up with Vodafone and conducted a study of how children use their mobile phones without too much forethought.

The message that the two partners wanted to get across to parents was that  they should teach their children not to be profligate when using a mobile phone and realise , as there are consequences and such behaviour  has to be paid for every month – when the bill comes in.

This survey struck a chord with national print and broadcast media alike and IPRN member Gribnau Communications, who presented the research to the media, reported that the study gained front page recognition in the national newspaper the Telegraph before being aired on six radio stations and national television as well as NOS Youthjournal.

David Gribnau said, “The phone was ringing constantly. We have been answering questions from media across the country. It’s obviously a topic that people have been worried about for some time. Hopefully Know What You Spend and Vodafone have given some useful advice on how to reign children in when it comes to mobile phone use.”

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