What is IPRN?
IPRN is an international network of independently owned and managed communications and public relations agencies. Currently we have more than 40 members in 30 countries with more than 75 offices in cities on all five continents. For further background information visit About

How do I find an agency in my country?

Go to Find a PR Agency where you can search by location. If you don’t find what you want then email the General Secretary who will be able to help further (details below).

What clients do IPRN agencies work for?

As you would expect our collective client base is diverse and we work for a great many clients across all sectors of industry and countries. To find out more about who IPRN members work for click on the agency you want and visit their own website.

Are there any countries that don’t have IPRN representation?

Yes, but we are always looking for new members and they have contacts in many cities and countries, and may be able to help in your search so it is always worth emailing our General Secretary to see if we can help, details below.

How do I contact IPRN?

Through our General Secretary, who is also an active IPRN member. His details are: Luis González General Secretary Telephone: +34 629 507 253 Email: luis.gonzalez@iprn.com

What are the benefits of being a member?

Knowledge, quality relations and support to work internationally. If a member is looking for representation for a client in your country then you’ll be the first agency that your IPRN colleague will contact. For further information on being an IPRN member go to Membership Privileges.

Who are members of IPRN?

Our members are a mix of specialist and multi-sector agencies, and we range from big agencies through to small. But our ethos and professionalism is common to all, we undertake to provide the best service to the highest standards. More in the websites of the individual agencies and in the Find a PR Agency page.

Can there be more than one member per country?

Yes. In several countries we have multiple members. New members may be taken into IPRN provided that our other, established members agree. In some countries there is duplication of services between members to facilitate geographic servicing of clients.

Will members share experiences?

Yes, we are strong in knowledge sharing. There will be some areas where some members may have more experience than another, and will be happy to share, you only have to ask through a direct email or if you want an open discussion through a forum on the meetings, website, etc.

Can I expect to obtain business through IPRN membership?

One of the cornerstones of IPRN membership is to be able to work internationally. Often our members are looking for business in another country or city for a current client, when that happens they refer to an IPRN member.

How do I know that other members are as diligent as I am?

We have Annual and Regional General Meetings every year, hosted by an IPRN member, and this is the opportunity for networking and getting to know other members so that you can assess their capabilities and skills in relation to your own.