Facelift for Harkonsalo & Vesa in Helsinki

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IPRN’s member in Finland has recently re-launched its website with the option to also view it in English.

Clean, crisp and contemporary the new site includes a comprehensive breakdown of what Harkonsalo & Vesa can do for potential and current clients – and one thing that CEO Karri Vesa is adamant about is, “that the agency always becomes a close and strategic partner of every client”. Harkonsalo & Vesa is well versed in working with consumer and business clients. For more information  visit http://www.harkonsalovesa.fi

Karri’s own specialist knowledge and expertise, gained over 25 years includes crisis communications, technology communications and communications strategies. He cites the company’s mission as “helping companies to succeed through expertly managed communications.” and said that this has never been more important than in the internet age.

About the re-launched website he further commented: “It is important that we keep our own shop window up-to-date as Finland is a dynamic market – with both native and international companies located and locating here. As our main selling tool our website announces our expertise and intentions to the world. Furthermore it ensures that our clients are aware of our spread of services and how we are helping others – often strategies in one industry can be modified to work well in another, and this can be seen in our case history section. ”

Karri is ably assisted by a high quality, professional team whose expertise includes marketing, social media, brand management, franchise concept know-how, consumer and corporate communications.

Founded in 1995 Harkonsalo & Vesa is a member of the Finnish Association of Marketing Communications Agencies and has been a member of IPRN since 1998.

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