Exceptional Projects 2017

Project: “Assolombarda President Election”
Client: Assolombarda

The project came up early in march 2016 with the specific objective to raise reputation and positive visibility of one of the two candidates to chairmanship of the largest industrial union in Italy, based in Milan: Assolombarda which have almost 6.000 companies associated, located in Milan, Brianza and Lodi (Lombardia area), which is the most relevant industrial area in Europe.
The plan integrated positioning, strategic and tactical communication actions both on off and on line. This combining Corporate communication, Leader Image consultancy and Public Affairs and Lobbying. The candidate has been indicated as chairman on 12 april 2017, for the period 2017-2021.

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Project: “BeTheLEGOStar”
Client: Lego

LEGO Group opened the first Italian LEGO Store in Arese, near Milan, in
spring 2017 press result was real impressive.
In November the Group opened a store in Milan. It was the sixth store in
Italy. LEGO Group asked for a project in order to integrate both Media
Relations, Digital PR and Social Media Management of the brand and the
store. The challange was to have the same success of the first LEGO Store.
The plan integrated all strategic actions, event management, B2C
communication and legal support.

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Project: “Promoting Argentina in Europe & Asia”
Client: Argentina Tourist Board

After the change of government in Argentina, the challenge is based on the need to reposition the brand of Argentina in Europe through the motto “Argentina, World Friendly”, strengthen the presence in Asian markets, spread the image of a new Argentina open to the world, promote new destinations and routes for the traveler, and specific products, with the aim of increasing the arrival of international tourists and their expenditure in the country. Within the European market, the promotion actions focused on the first 6 main outbound countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK and Holland. In Asia, promotion intensified in China, a rapidly growing outbound market and for which growth is expected to grow exponentially.
The agency initiated a campaign of promotional actions to the final public, to spread the image of a new Argentina, and to the media, to communicate the new policies in the field of tourism and all the novelties related to the destination in terms of new products.

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Project: “Nick Vujicic visit to Dubai”
Client: UAE

Nick Vujicic’s visit to Dubai – For Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs, his journey towards becoming a world-renowned motivational speaker all began with an Indian janitor. Vujicic was in Dubai as part of a two-day speaking tour. In November 2016, UAE witnessed the inspirational and motivational speaker reflecting a more joyful and fulfilling life than most able-bodied people you know.
The sold out event in both the emirates – Dubai (3400 people attended at The Dome, Dubai Sports City) and Sharjah (1500 people attended at Sharjah Expo) left the audience wanting for more. Our aim to reach out to more and more audience, and spread Nick’s message of living a happy and fulfilling life through every possible way was thus fulfilled with the 360 Degree marketing approach undertaken

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Project: “Bancóldex, a top bank for entrepreneurs”
Client: Bancóldex

Bancóldex is the development bank for business growth in Colombia that is part of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Bancóldex wanted to increase its position in front of the entrepreneurs so that they could know and access directly their services, as a first level bank, so the main objective or necessity was to change the narrative.
Accordingly, High Results as a communications and public relations agency was chosen by Bancóldex to develop the communications strategy to achieve this goal. High Results identified the need to position Bancóldex as an entity that supports all entrepreneurs in their business growth and development, through a new narrative that makes it closer to its target audience. Likewise, it was found that it was necessary to strengthen the relationship with strategic media that aimed at their audiences of interest.

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Project: “Let’s step out of the shadows and Chek in on eating disorders”
Client: Center for Eating Disorders

Because of the shame and stigma of eating disorders, many people are drastically under-diagnosed and under-treated. Further, the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt was having difficulty generating awareness of their treatment center due to poor visibility online. Given that most online searches are tied to the question “do I have an eating disorder”, JPA created a campaign around an online assessment tool. This helped encourage people to step out of the shadows and Check In on eating disorders.

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Project: “Hands on future”
Client: Viriato Hotel Concept

Viriato is the main Portuguese producer of hotel furniture. A family business that exports 95 percent of its production to chains such as Sheraton, Club Med, Mandarin or Hilton, but which has gone through recent serious financial troubles in the past, now having a professional management team. Celebrating his 65th birthday, he wanted a project that allowed him to affirm his image among partners, customers and the media, ending rumors that existed in the market relative to its solidity.
What we developed was an exhibition inside the factory, accompanied by a prestigious book and three inauguration events: for customers, suppliers and collaborators. At the same time, we developed a work of meditation and PR counseling. The results outweighed all expectations. The exhibition will become permanent and the book (in Portuguese, English and French) has been widely praised by all clients. The results of the communication were frankly positive, with subjects in the main economic, generalist and specialty fields. Viriato was able to reverse the negative image and start to feel the growth of orders again.

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Project: “Dialog 2016”
Client: Public Dialog

DIALOG 2016 is the first edition of the conference series, which once a year will be a platform for commenting results of regularly conducted researches on various areas of corporate communication.
The aim of the conference is to support the professionalization of this discipline in Poland, the approximation of its characteristics, upcoming trends and challenges.
First report: THE ROLE OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATION. This is current overview of the significant issues related to the corporate communication and reputationmanagement.
Poland’s first publication, which is based on the experience of practitioners from 120 Polish and international companies, employing more than 250 people, representing dozens of different industries.

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Project: “#Watch it in the bar”
Client: Vodafone

After buying the football TV rights of La Liga (Spanish official football league), Vodafone set up a tender with four agencies in order to promote its sport TV channel and get clients.
Evercom won the pitch and proposed to develop a digital strategy (touch point, social media plan and promotional initiatives) focused on bares (pubs and taverns). Our main goal was to communicate the new TV channel of Vodafone and to get subscriptions from bares (taverns). How did we do to get it?

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Project: “To find and light a candle in the darkest hour”
Client: Municipality of Aarhus

February 2015 a major crisis hit the municipality of Aarhus. It was revealed that yearlong mismanagement in the department handling applications and approvals of all kinds of building and construction-projects caused heavy and widespread problems. This resulting in great fiscal loss for the municipality, year-long delays of big and prestigious building-projects, constructors firing people, local media running campaigns against the municipality, business associations blaming the politicians for doing nothing, angry politicians calling for action and collecting votes, etc. etc.
Kragelund Kommunikation was involved, and we immediately saw that the job was to “to find and light a candle in the darkest hour”. And this was our mantra when we orchestrated an issue management-package. Over more than a year this package involved strategic advising and planning combined with tactical communication work involving surveys, press work, external communication, internal communication and training, workshops, and many other tools. This package succeeded time after time to draw attention from all the notorious problems and focusing on the measures taking to solve the problems and of course the results created. After 1½ year the department is back on its feet, delivering their services – in time – even though building-activity today is higher than ever before.

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Project: “MusikImPuls”
Client: Symphoniker Hamburg

We created an unprecedented audience building campaign with which the
Symphoniker Hamburg invade the city’s public space, playing in unusual public
places throughout the city. The motto: Music creates magical moments.
We bring the magic of music to the people. Because classical music is for everyone.

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Project: “Luxembourg’s Nation Branding”
Client: Luxembourg Government

Luxembourg’s Nation Branding is a project over a couple of month where binsfeld has taken in charge the positioning, the design so as the roll out of the new identity of Luxembourg with spin off identities for the Ministries of Tourism, Economy, etc.
Exciting project in a very political environment thus also very tactical from a business management purpose.

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Project: “Larger sheet piles from Arcelor Mittal Connecting Pioneers”
Client: ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal is an international b2b project with IPRN members or friends of IPRN members in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany. We had to prepare and lead the launch campaign of a new revolutionary sheet pile in these countries. This is also a very exciting project for a world market leader and an example how IPRN can be a key element for pitches.

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Project: “Coatings Matters”
Agency: JP – KOM
Client: BASF

The BASF Coatings division has hired JP|KOM to create a global web magazine for its 9,000 employees around the world: the fully interactive Coatings Matter webzine, to be published for the first time on March 31, 2017, includes stories, clickable infographics, votes, quick polls, and more. The responsive web design allows the magazine to run on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. The webzine is complemented by a glossy, high-quality print version – both to be published quarterly.The project was implemented within three months, starting in January 2017, after definition, design and development phases had been completed from November to December 2016.
Team JP|KOM: Katharina Balkmann (project leader), Miriam Stanitzek (web design), and Milene Rijcken (senior consultant).

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Project: “Stakeholder Dialog”
Agency: JP – KOM
Client: Intuitive Surgical

From May 2016 through April 2017, JP|KOM has been supporting Intuitive Surgical, Inc., the global leader in the rapidly emerging field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery, to promote the da Vinci® Surgical System by means of both proactive and reactive media relations, advocacy, and counsel regarding the German stakeholder landscape.
Media relations included drafting press releases and associated materials, pitching against the backdrop of product launches, corporate announcements, study publications, and Corporate Social Responsibility events, inviting journalists to da Vinci® symposia and workshops, creating media events (Round Table), ensuring crisis preparedness, and daily media monitoring and reporting.
Core element of the project was a comprehensive Stakeholder & Issue Mapping using the arena theory by German risk sociologist Ortwin Renn. The arena theory is based on a game-theoretical model: success in the arena depends on the social actors’ ability to mobilize their resources. JP|KOM mapped issues (by screening media coverage and stakeholder websites) as well as stakeholders and their resources (e.g. access to information, access to decision-makers, and quality of arguments) to be able to exactly meet stakeholders’ (information) needs.

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Project: “Cofix Expands to Russia”
Client: Cofix

PR Partner provided total PR support for the launch of the Cofix brand (the chain of Israel coffee shops with fixed prices for all products) on the Russian market: from the creation of the entering market concept to the official opening and information support.
The main campaign’s goals were to destroy the stereotype of meaning “low price = low quality” and focus on quality and fair pricing. Information support was provided to the Cofix launch on Russian market: the official website and social networks were launched, also a press conference and PR promotion of the first three coffee shops’ opening via bloggers were organized.
As a result of the PR campaign, more than 120 publications were published in target media and blogs, coverage of groups in social networks was more than 20 million hits in first two months, traffic to the website consisted of 40% of networks.

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Project: “German brick manufacturer fit Garden Quarter in Moscow”
Client: Hagemeister Klinker

Approach: Sergey Skuratov Architects, one of the most famous architectural offices in Russia, designed the district „Garden Quarter“ in Moscow. They decided to use bricks for the facades produced by our client Hagemeister, a German brick manufacturer situated in Nottuln. From 4th to 7th April 2017 Hagemeister presented its products at the trade fair “Mosbuild” in Moscow.
We developed a communication concept composed of a customer magazine, a video and a press release for German and Russian architectural journals. The target was to communicate that the brick gives the district “Garden Quarter” a powerful presence. Through our communication activities, Hagemeister inspires architects to use brick as a high-quality, low-maintenance and durable material.

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Project: “Helping a Brand Fly High”
Client: Mercury Products

Each year more than two million passengers with a disability or reduced mobility take flights in and out of the UK alone. There is a growing trend for airlines to provide the best experience for their passengers and this includes those with reduced mobility.
Our client, the archetypal inventor, has designed and manufactured an on board wheelchair that is gaining popularity. It was our job to take the business into the 21st century with their communication materials so that their product will gain international recognition.
It was our expertise that provided a professional, smart and easy to understand look that the business desperately needed. And this new look has already resulted in new, international business.

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