Exceptional Projects 2016

Project: First polish classic automotive auction
Agency: Public Dialog – Poland
Client: Ardor Auction

Overall winner of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
Worldwide, over the last few years classic automobiles market increase in sales by almost 30% each year. In Poland the market is still developed and very specific. Ardor Auctions is the first Poland-based auction house specialized in classic automobiles. The key element of the brand reputation building process was a old-timers auction held in Warsaw. More than 200 professional collectors from Poland and various European countries participated in auction. Agency generated 230 publications. Bids value amounted to 33 vehicles sold for more than 1,216 m USD. After success of first edition, next auctions are planned in 2016.

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Agency: The McOnie Agency – Great Britain
Client: GAAW

Business to Business Category Winner of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
We identified Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) as an opportunity to raise the profile of some of our clients and their products and services and also to work with Linda Reinstein, a pioneering figure leading the global war against asbestos. We wanted to reinforce the dangers of working with the deadly substance and highlight the staggering numbers of people dying every day from exposure to it as well as elevating the GAAW initiative. Our work created a global conversation.

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Agency: JPA Health Communications – USA
Client: Chiasma

Business to Consumer Category Winner of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
In support of Chiasma, a biopharmaceutical company working to bring a new oral treatment for acromegaly (a rare pituitary disease), JPA created a multifaceted campaign aimed to engage patients and prompt them to talk to their doctor about new medical options. JPA used elements of digital, social and earned media to reach the key audience with real-life stories anchored by a powerful call to action.

Agency: Twister– Italy
Client: Lego

Finalist Business to Consumer of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
The event was held during Expo Milan 2015 and it was one of the most visible social media event in summer 2015. It involved a massive participation of media, a very famous testimonial (who risked his life staying suspended at 35 meters) and a long term communication embargo for preparing the surprise. The client invested a lot on this event which has the clear objective to confirm the irreplaceable plastic brick in the mind of the youngest.

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Agency: PR Partner – Russia
Client: Winx

Finalist Business to Consumer of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
PR campaigns in Russia develop according to PR trends of the world. A lot of brands (especially, children’s brands) choose not only standard PR tools, but also non-standard. Classic public relations transform into integrated marketing communications. So, PR Partner agency should develop and realize PR strategy for Winx, which would not only inform target audience, but also involve them in communication with the brand, promote the main values (friendship, health, education, family and others). PR Partner organized 11 partnerships with different companies (beauty salon’s chain, cooking schools, cinemas, etc) and 9 events for children and parents (in Moscow parks, on ice-rinks, in museums, etc).

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Agency: Nexus – Great Britain
Client: Equazen

Finalist Business to Consumer of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
Equazen was established in 1999 and their mission is to encourage individual health by providing premium grade omega-3 and omega-6 formulations based on lipid science, and backed by strong independant research. Nexus helped Equazen to re-launch a controversial established health care product with positive mind blowing benefits for children.

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Agency: Harbinger – Canada
Client: Skitties

Finalist Business to Consumer of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
Skittles is one of the top selling candy brands in Canada that is focused primarily on teens. For this program, the goal was to generate sales and create brand awareness during a very timely period for the confectionary category — the holidays. To break through all of the messages and clutter targeting our consumer, Skittles needed a BIG IDEA to drive awareness and engagement in an impactful way that resonated with Canadians. With the insight that you don’t always get what you want during the holidays, the brand created and launched the Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop in downtown Toronto on December 26th, the day after Christmas. At the Shop, consumers were able to bring their unwanted Christmas gifts in exchange for packs of skittles. For those who could not personally visit the shop, they were able to complete an online appraisal form instead.

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Agency: Twister – Italy
Client: JP Morgan

Finalist Business to Business of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
One of the most interesting wealth management event targeted to private investors in partnership with Corriere della Sera with the self explained title: “Sarà vera ripresa?” (It will be true recovery?). The JP morgan road show has a double objective: build and confirm a long term partnership with the personal bankers of the financial networks, while educating and being awared the private investors target about the credibility and respectability of a very famous banking brand. Corriere della Sera is part of the strategy which wants to show the best media, the best testimonials and the best bank.

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Agency: Edson Evers – Great Britain
Client: Caterpillar

Finalist Business to Business of the IPRN 2016 Project of the Year
Cat Auction Services is a new channel to market that will help dealers sell used equipment stock, with the solution rolled out across Europe hosted by the Cat dealer in each country. The first European event took place on 20th April 2016.

Due to the USP of the auction service was quite complicated to explain, Edson Evers proposed a paid for partnership with The Digger Man Blog (Nick Drew) to promote the event through his Facebook group of nearly 7,000 members, using video content, supported by blog posts about the auction process and how to buy used equipment.

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