Evercom works with UNILEVER on communications its most important buiness sector

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Evercom, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, has been appointed by UNILEVER to provide communications and public relations support for one of the multinational’s most important market sectors – margarine.

The consultancy’s health department will set the strategy for all UNILEVER’s margarine brands in addition to coordinating the programme, which will be overseen by its Barcelona office. Particular attention will be paid to Flora, Flora pro.active and Tulipán brands.

Activity will encompass lifestyle and consumer as well as health and medical audiences. In the consumer sphere Evercom will work to increase the three brands visibility and projection in addition to improving its social perception through linking to a series of values attributed to each product line.

“It is our intention to eradicate the myths surrounding margarine by informing the medical and scientific communities of its benefits in terms of vital functions – like looking after the heart and reducing cholesterol,” said Alberte Santos, managing partner at Evercom.

He continued, “We welcome the challenge working on this business represents as it combines two separate areas of communication. We will develop a campaign for the National Cholesterol Awareness Day, and our multi-disciplinary team will maximise news coverage in, mainly, the consumer press but also the medical and health press.

FLora Proactive at National Cholestrol Day in Madrid

Flora Proactive at National Cholestrol Day in Madrid

“We will bring to the attention of all our target audiences awareness of the cholesterol condition through harnessing the information found in various scientific studies. We will heighten peoples’ knowledge, and thus awareness of this ‘silent disease’ which can cause heart attacks, strokes, angina and circulation problems which can lead to serious health complications.”

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