evercom to coordinate Informa Dun & Bradstreet online communication strategy in Spain

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Informa Dun & Bradstreet (Informa D & B), part of CESCE Group, and Spain’s foremost company in commercial, financial and marketing information supply has appointed evercom to coordinate its digital communication strategy – an online strategy focused on reinforced leadership and the business reputation of the company.

In particular evercom will coordinate the implementation of various measures to further expand the user community and supporters in the social networks for its two trend marques: Informa and einforma, to impact the market in qualitative terms as an expert voice. In addition evercom will position Informa D & B as leader in the market through strategic convergence between social media community management, branded journalism and content as well as online dissemination of economic studies.

Conrado Martinez, head of marketing at Informa commented, “Informa’s utilisation of the internet is matchless. In 1996 we were the first company in Europe, and the second in the world, to market companies’ information on the internet. In 200 we launched einforma as a one hundred per cent online start-up. Currently our websites receive over 20 million visits per month. Ultimately the internet is part of our DNA and with evercom we shall take every opportunity to strengthen our brands on the internet and in social media networks as leaders in business information.”

Through this new online communication strategy evercom aims to establish the company’s position top of mind in the Spanish financial information supply market. Alberte Santos, partner at evercom commented, “We are very proud of being part of the strategic communication plan of one of the most respected and recognised companies in the economic information market.”

With more than 130,000 customers and three million users some 95% of Spanish financial institutions utilise information from Informa D & B with regard to risk-making decisions. In 2012 the company had a consolidated turnover of €86 million.

evercom work for Informa D & B

evercom work for Informa D & B


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