Evercom organises two social media congresses for the health and financial sectors

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Madrid, 26 March, 2012.-  During the month of April, Madrid will play host to two new Congreso Redes fixtures (www.congresoredes.com): on 10th of May, the 1st Congress on Social Media for the Financial Sector, and on 26th, the 1st Congress on Social Media for the Health Sector, both organized by evercom. During these two gatherings, top national experts will for the first time analyse the application of these tools to orchestrating a successful 2.0 strategy in these sectors that helps enhance the activity and performance of organisations.

At both congresses, through participation in roundtable sessions, a series of real cases of companies and institutions on social media will be presented, too, that will help gain a closer view from experience with tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

The congresses will be held at the Mapfre Conventions Centre in Madrid and will also provide the possibility for networking actions to be carried out between the participants, speakers and collaborator companies and institutions.

26 April: Ist Congress on Social Media for the Health Sector

In four talks and two roundtable discussions, the reality of Medicine 2.0, and the new opportunities that open up in the healthcare and pharmaceutical spheres will be dealt with in depth. The congress is aimed at a wide range of professionals from the sector: doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dentists, opticians, assistants, etc., as well as representatives from the pharmaceutical industry representatives, people in charge of medical clinics, medical insurance products, healthcare companies, patients’ associations, etc.

10th of May: Ist Congress on Social Media for the Financial Sector

It will begin by taking a closer look at the sector through the presentation, for the first time in Spain, of the report Made in Heaven or Marriage from Hell? Social Media in the Financial Sector by its author, Chris Jackson, from the British consulting firm Cicero Group, and continue with reflections on issues such as the future of Banking 2.0 and the possibilities that open up for financial advisors, crisis and reputation management, relations with investors and shareholders, etc. Added to that, in two roundtable sessions, the experiences of corporations and financial institutions will be presented in person by their managers, as well as other new initiatives in the sector that use these tools productively.

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