Electric Arc Flash – an explosive issue: The McOnie Agency, UK

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Project of the Year:  2012

Category: B2B

Agency:  The McOnie Agency

Client :  DuPont Protection Technologies

Project title: Electric Arc Flash – an explosive issue



Electric Arc Flash or Electrical Flashover is the unplanned contact between energised conductors that creates a plasma fireball of up to 20,000 degrees centigrade. Although relatively unknown it is deadly and in the UK in 2010 25 people were killed and hundreds severely injured due to this phenomenon



• Educate workers about the dangers of electric arc

• Raise awareness of an accurate risk assessment tool

• Help end users implement new procedures and protective clothing

• Improve reputation of Nomex® (DuPont fibre) with sub objectives of:

• improving knowledge and trust in the brand

• maintaining the reputation of Nomex®

• increase brand loyalty

• positively influence the sales of Nomex®


• Year long campaign to

• raise awareness of hazards of electric arc flash

• focus on certain sectors (utilities, healthcare, pet/chem, electrical,

health and safety among others) and educate workers

• launch and encourage sales of DuPont Arc Guide

• influence sales of DuPont fibre, Nomex®



• Launch event – attendees industry professionals and sector media editors

• One-to-one interviews

• Launch press release

• Feature articles in relevant trade journals

• Educational webinars – hosted by DuPont experts

• Joint promotion with DuPont Nomex® partners – product press release and case


• Advertising support (on-the-page and online advertising, e-blasts, e-newsletters)

 Challenges to overcome

• High expectations of extensive coverage

• Electric arc flash is a niche and complex issue

• Misunderstanding about the need for protection

• Specific target sectors

• Safety is often perceived as dull/boring


Key Messages

• Electric arc flash is a real and present risk

• Risk assessment is complicated

• DuPont’s bespoke guide will help assessment, they are the experts

• Nomex® provides the ultimate protection and is the fibre of choice for garment manufacturers




• 33 clippings

• 484,555 circulation

• 969,110 opportunities to see

• 98% of editorial coverage mentioned the DuPont Arc Guide and brand Nomex®



• 23 adverts

• 142,387 circulation

• 284,774 opportunities to see


DuPont Arc Guide Website

• 9,724 visits

• 36,209 page views

• 105 direct leads


All target audiences and sectors were reached with the PR and advertising campaigns.

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