Companies need to produce better social media content to ensure online success

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In its sixth annual Digital Trends Report Broadgate Mainland departed from previous years and invited academic and business social and digital media commentators to assess the most important developments in digital communications and how they affect corporate communications now and will affect them in the future.

Creating content that allows target audiences to bond, relate and share is crucial for a successful digital and media strategy was one of the main findings of the report. Further it highlights how it is now more important than ever for communications teams to work closely with client facing colleagues to develop content that will resonate with customers and encourage brand reinforcement and help establish long-term relationships. One of the biggest challenges facing companies is keeping up with the speed of change in social and digital media and how to adapt communications programmes accordingly.

The 2014 report includes commentary from a range of communications directors through to social media professors and demonstrates how every organisation, no matter what they specialise in,  can best use social media to achieve their communications and business objectives and complement their sales drive.

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