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Project of the Year:  2012


IN 1999 an EU directive demanded that minimum standards of welfare be adhered to for the protection of laying hens. The legislation came into force January 1, 2012 but since 2010 Nexus has been conducting a campaign on behalf of its clients to make the trade media, and latterly the national media aware, through advertising and PR campaigns, that egg products not conforming to the legislation and coming in from other EU countries would potentially push down the prices of UK produced eggs.



To inform the target audiences (food manufacturers, food service operators and retailers) that the UK changed to colony cages so complying with the EU legislation

• Ensure that all target audiences understand Lion mark guarantees directive compliance

• Ensure all target audiences support British farmers by refusing cheap and illegal imports

• Ensure legislation implemented on time EU-wide


• Start pressure campaign 12 months before legislation introduction date

• Unify UK industry under Lion banner

• Inform food manufacturers, food service operators and retailers of the need to buy Lion eggs – guarantees compliance with the EU legislation

• Lobby the UK Government to ban eggs from illegal cages



Phase 1 – Pre-launch 2010

• Trade Advertising campaign – Time is running out. Will your egg supplies be legal in January 2012

• Join forces with the National Farmers Union to explain significance to media audience

•Set up website for British Lion Egg Products using The Clock is Ticking slogan


Phase 2

• Target media covering all local authorities, mail 50,000 catering companies, 5000 food manufacturers and the top 20 multiple retailers

• Provide in-depth features – Don’t get left with egg on your face/The Clock is Ticking to media

• On-going reminders including stepping up advertising campaign and producing online advertising for and

• Mailers sent to manufacturers and caterers explaining British Lion Eggs and that imports not complying would be illegal from 1/1/12.

• Booth at leading catering exhibition – Hospitality 2011 in March

• Individual trade briefings with associations representing food industries from, British Confectioners’ Association to  Institure of Hospitality, Food and Drink Federation as well as Craft Guild of Chefs and National Association of Master Bakers etc. (how many briefings in all – number please)

• Face to face briefings with customers (Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, Sainsubry’s Tesco, 3663, The Co-operative plus ??? (number please) others

Phase 3 – Maintaining the momentum

• Independent report examining the impact of EU legislation on the future of UK egg production and distributed to ????

• National media campaign to warn against illegal imports


Phase 5

• Target trade and Government through national media

• Reject Government’s soft approach – legal challenge

• 3 page advertising spreads

• New website approach – – asking for pledges to support the Lion, 5000 received

• Mass mailing to 30,000 caterers



Phase 1 – Pre-launch 2010

• Coverage in all relevant trade and local papers papers – Farmers Guardian, Catering, The Grocer, Morning Advertiser (for pubs), Food Service etc.


Phase 2

• Editorial coverage (news and feature) in relevant publications: International Sandwich & Snack News, Essentially Catering, British Baker, Eat Out, Hospital Caterer, Caterer and Hotelkeeper, Food Manufacturer etc. etc.

Phase 3

National coverage in (among others) The Independent, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror etc. Regional coverage in Huddersfield Examiner, Western Mail, Eastern Daily Press, Manchester Evening News, Coventry Telegraph etc.


Overall results

All key buyers of egg products briefed

Significant customer conversions to British Lion eggs

Total imported eggs down 30% Jan-Dec 2011

UK Government forced to keep out illegal eggs

UK industry behind the Lion



So successful suppliers ran out of eggs!


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