binsfeld and the COSL Innovate for the Games of the Small States of Europe 2013

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Are you ready for this logo?

binsfeld and the COSL innovate for the Games of the Small States of Europe 2013.

The countdown to the GSSE 2013 has scarcely begun! and we are already asking the whole country “Are you ready for the games?”
At binsfeld, our teams are more than ready, because it was they that gave the games their identity by coming up with a slogan that really brings people together. That is what our client, the COSL (Luxembourg Olympic and Sports Committee), which is organising the GSSE 2013, requested.

Our suggestion bent the rules. Instead of an image, we used a typographic logo made up of a single phrase in the colours of Luxembourg’s flag: “Are you ready for the games?”. Modelled on the question “Are you ready to rumble?” traditionally asked before boxing matches, the result is an innovative and endlessly adaptable slogan that promises to get the public’s adrenaline pumping and have them on the edge of their seats.

During the games, this slogan can be adapted to various forms, so it can be slotted into any possible or imaginable situation: “Are you ready for fun?”, “Are you ready for emotions?”, “Are you ready for swimming?”.





Another trademark binsfeld innovation is the mascot for the games, which is none other than a humanised smartphone app in the guise of a sporty-looking guy in 3D.

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