Bare necessities, Kragelund Kommunicakation, Denmark enjoy television success with AquaClean shower toilets

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Toilet habits are not a subject often talked about openly, let alone on television while sitting on the toilet itself. But that’s what Kragelund Kommunikation of Denmark achieved for client AquaClean, one of the leading manufacturers of shower toilets.

Presenter Søoren Jensen was seen by viewers with his trousers round his ankles and sitting on an AquaClean toilet in the studio before doing the interview, which centred on  the shower toilet and the Danes’ toilet habits.

It has been Kragelund Kommunication’s objective to put the subject of toilets and toilet habits on the map in Denmark, and in 2013 the agency won the IPRN Project of the Year with their campaign “Turning Taboo into a Trend”, which explained the thinking behind the launch of the Geberit’s shower toilets onto the Danish market in 2012. The recent television appearance on TV2 was part of Kragelund Kommunikation’s continued press campaign to keep the subject high on the agenda in Denmark.

Gitte Høyer of Kragelund Kommunikation commented “It’s not often that the intimate subject of toilet habits is aired, let alone on television. We’ve worked hard over the past two years to make it less of a taboo and were delighted that it is becoming less of a taboo and more of a trend.”

Søren Jensen sitting on an AquaClean toilet

Søren Jensen sitting on an AquaClean toilet

Below is a link to the even minute feature (in Danish).


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