Across Borders

IPRN agencies frequently work with colleagues in different countries with great success. Such partnerships are beneficial to our clients, as they know that they can rely on the lead IPRN agency to introduce the right IPRN partner in the countries they wish to target.

With IPRN the strain and time taken searching for the right match no longer is an issue.

Lead Agency Client / Topic Referred Agency
Colombo, Argentina BGR EPR, Brazil
Colombo, Argentina Mendez, Mexico and Luca, Spain
Colombo, Argentina Pramer Mendez, Mexico
Dix & Eaton, USA Boart Longyear Sefiani, Australia
Dix & Eaton, USA Diabold Evercom, Spain
Evercom, Spain IEB, Business School Mendez, Mexico and Colombo, Argentina
Evercom, Spain Asprocio Weber-Thedy, Switzerland
Evercom, Spain Andbank Opinion Valley, France and Twister, Italy
Harkonsalo & Vesa, Finland Qaim Maggi Fox, UK and Nexus UK
JP | KOM, Germany SMS Meer Blue Focus, China
Luca, Spain BMW Minerbi Silveira, Argentina
Luca, Spain Porsche Mendez, Mexico
Luca, Spain Rodman JP | KOM, Germany
Luca, Spain Havelles-Sylvania Passerelles, France
Luca, Spain DKF Twister Group, Italy
Luca, Spain Lutron Mendez, Mexico
Maggi Fox, UK Automotive company Edson Evers, UK
Maggi Fox, UK Underground 8 (technology) Luca, Spain
Maggi Fox, UK Verbatim Visible, Sweden
Opinion Valley, France Vinci Concessions Dix & Eaton, USA
Passerelles, France IPRA (Healthcare) Whole network
Passerelles, France Wine Evercom, Spain
PSO Portugal Holiday Homes Broadgate, UK
Sprengel & Partner, Germany Zensys EU/China
Twister Group, Italy Technology All
Weber-Thedy, Switzerland Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection Whole Network