A-Z of media training from Moscow-based PR Partner

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In this news driven world it is essential that every manager knows how to respond to journalists. PR Partner will hold a “Media Training from A-Z” seminar to provide press secretaries and heads of press services with the tools an skills to ensure effective communication.

The trainers on the day, 18th February, will be PR Partner’s chief executive officer, Inna Alekseeva and its director of development, Victoria Parshkova.

Inna Alekseeva explained why they had decided that such a training day was necessary, “The head of any organisation is either the face of his company and a perfect speaker or a nightmare for the PR director. It just depends on how well your top manager communicates with journalists as to which he or she is. We’ll be telling people how to be the perfect speaker.”

During the seminar the participants will learn how to teach their top managers the rules of communication with the media: what to talk about and how to convey this to a journalist, how to behave at an interview as well as how to avoid pitfalls.

All the components for a successful encounter with the media will be provided – the necessary documentation (contracts with the media, confidentiality agreements) to the professional tools and knowledge that PR Partner has developed internally. In addition delegates will work with journalists from top Russian media such as RBC, Secret of the Firm, Kommersant and RIA Novosti.

PR Partner has already held media training sessions for the heads of companies such as Splat, Orange, UniCredit Bank, SAP, Veeam, AT Consulting, KOLIN Construction, Clinic Nº1 and many others. Inna Alekseeva said, “When both participants in an interview knows what it required and expected of them then the nightmares go away.”

Details of training (Russian language) can be found at this link http://www.prpartner.ru/mediatraining/

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