Don’t just put us in your pocket, keep us in mind: Binsfeld Corporate, Luxembourg

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Project of the Year:  2012

Category: B2B

Agency: binsfeld corporate

Client :  binsfeld live

Project title: Don’t just put us in your pocket, keep us in mind


binsfeld live, the event marketing department of the binsfeld group wanted to develop an alternative and powerful communication tool that would reinforce its brand image, attract new customers and convey its values.



• To develop a unique communication tool designed to events communication and utilising all the creative, graphical, copywriting and production skils of the binsfeld corporate agency.

• To emphasise four key messages that represent the philosophy of binsfeld live.



• A pocket sized micro-campaign



• Production of ‘larger than usual’ cloakroom tickets for all events organised by binsfeld live.

• Four key messages printed on the tickets

• Now you now our name, may we have yours?

• Reminder: pick up your coat & give us a call

• Pleased to meet you, want to go for a ride?

• Don’t just put us in your pocket, keep us in mind


First used for the twentieth anniversary of a celebration that brought together about 600 decision makers.

• A number of messages of congratulation received direct from some decision makers allowing binsfeld live to communicate via word-of-mouth to a well-defined target.

• Ratio investment/communication impact has been excellent.



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